Tired of Classic Games? Here are 5 Unique Game Ideas to Try

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Games are an integral part of human culture. Wherever you look, there is always some form of game or play that people use to connect, to find joy, to compete, or even to pass time. Due to this there are a number of classic games that many people are used to or quite familiar with. However, it can be easy to grow tired of classic games, to seek out something that is new and unique to satisfy a craving for the strange and surprising. Here are five unique game ideas to try at your next game night. 

1. The Two in One

Among the more unique game ideas for parties, or even at home to spruce up game night is to combine two of your favorite traditional games to create something new and different.

Of course this idea requires a lot of creativity, and a development of one’s own rule book, but the results can be beyond exciting! One great example is to take a game like Risk. This classic game has a number of aspects, including battles that are decided through the role of a dice. A modification to this game may be to play another traditional game in place of battle. This would expand the length of the game, but may up the strategic ante. 

Another idea would be to play a game like Uno, and combine it with another party game. Say that a Draw 4 card comes with a punishment. There are plenty of ways to combine games to create something wildly new and exciting. 

2. House Rules

In most traditional settings, house rules only leads to trouble, but if you are trying to come up with a new and unique game idea, house rules is a way to take classic games and turn them into something new. 

There are a number of games that you can easily add house rules to, or even find creative house rules online. Among these are games like Uno (Spicy Uno is a popular modification of this game), Settlers of Catan (changing rules regarding the Thief, etc.), or Monopoly (there are a plethora of modifications to be made of this game). If you have a traditional game that you want to create something different out of, try to come up with some zany modifications, or see if you can find one that excites you. 

3. FaceTime Games

Especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us found ourselves isolated and without the same group we might usually engage in the joyful prospect of a game night with. This led many people to develop games and game ideas using platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype. This caused a boost in creativity to build game formats that worked on these platforms. 

Now, following the COVID-19 pandemic, FaceTime games are still a great way to connect with friends and family over distance, and even have more regular game nights. There are a number of great games to play on FaceTime that fall away from the classic category.

One great example is to do a modified Pictionary. Use FaceTime’s drawing feature and do a Pictionary where you draw on yourself. If a person can guess what character you are turning yourself into, then they win!

There are plenty of ways to modify this idea, but take this as an inspiration to build something that not only works in person, but from anywhere in the world.

4. The Super Party Game

Do you have a desire to just create absolute chaos in your game night? While this may not be for everyone, some of us seek out this opportunity. If this feels like it could be you, creating a super party game may be the best option for you.

How do you do this, you ask? Take a few of your party games and shuffle them into one pack. Especially if they are games that require actions, or are used to create laughs, this can be a fun and zany creation. Put Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples together, mix Uno with almost anything. There are plenty of ways to create a new experience that almost always gets a little bit out of hand. 

5. Create Your Own

If you have truly lost all of your love for the traditional party game, then the best option for you may be to create a game of your own. Utilize pieces from other games if need be, develop your own rules, or create a role playing game that you and your friends can easily get into. There are no limits to what you can create, and you can always adjust the rules if you find a better way to do it. This is the option for the person who knows what they want, and knows how to make it.

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