Tips To Get Started With NetSuite

The increased demand for efficient and highly productive digital solutions for business led to the growth of cloud-based and comprehensive software. Being the first game changer in cloud computing, NetSuite is an enterprise suite for handling a wide range of operations. Including project management, ERP, inventory, automation, eCommerce, HR, etc. It offers a unified and fully functional system to track progress, optimize business, and achieve growth targets. Businesses can choose a NetSuite module while considering their needs to run their operations seamlessly. But you can get its maximum benefits when you know how to use it and avail best features. 

Let us look at the tips to get started with NetSuite. 

Choose the Right Product 

The first step to implementing business operations driven by NetSuite is to choose what works for your organization. NetSuite offers the following major products:

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a powerful enterprise product that can perform all your critical finance operations. You can handle complicated business processes such as financial planning and management, order and production management, procurement, supply chain management, etc. In addition, it allows businesses to control IT costs and increase employee productivity. The centralized platform helps reduce errors, implement real-time checks and controls, on-time responses, and effective resource allocation. 

With the help of NetSuite implementation partners, you can easily accelerate your business growth and start your journey of cloud-based automation in the right direction. 

NetSuite CRM

NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a comprehensive digital solution that allows you to access and analyze a 360-degree view of your clients with real-time results. It delivers a complete and smooth information flow covering leads, orders, cross-sell, renewal, and other important aspects of a customer lifecycle. In addition, automation of the entire customer experience gives real-time access, prospect, and records of clients’ orders. Projection of sales driven by data analytics and reports keeps you on the right track to meet the increased customer demands. Automation and eCommerce of business streamline sales operations from lead to cash and allow you to track customers’ data on cloud-based systems from anywhere. 

NetSuite Analytics 

NetSuite Analytics is shifting the way how businesses make critical decisions with the help of embedded analytics. It uncovers hidden information by applying advanced filters and searches, resulting in increased efficiency across teams at the department or subsidiary level. With workbook functionality, you can explore and analyze data in NetSuite Analytics, allowing you to pivot, chart, data model, and create datasets and reports. Moreover, with the saved search function, you can easily find answers to your business queries in real-time. The dashboards of NetSuite Analytics can drive actionable insights and productive results to meet the demands of the ever-changing business world. With KPIs, you can interact with data to drive business growth and efficiency. 

NetSuite OneWorld 

NetSuite OneWorld is suitable for businesses operating at a multi-subsidiary or multinational level. It provides customized solutions to businesses according to the market needs in which they operate, making it an effortless experience. Finance is the key feature of NetSuite OneWorld that allows enterprises to implement and handle financial operations beyond the subsidiary limitations. Multi-currency management is the most productive feature of NetSuite OneWorld that supports financial consolidation at a global level. Furthermore, NetSuite OneWorld encourages and assists businesses to adopt country-specific and global standards for business operations such as audit and compliance. It’s the right time to implement NetSuite OneWorld in your organization if you are expanding your business at an international level. 

NetSuite SuitePeople 

NetSuite SuitePeople is a perfect software solution for you to manage dynamic and diverse HR operations across the organization. The core functionality of this product lies in workforce management and all the related processes. It’s a unified platform that empowers you to connect the data of every employee in the purview of planning, finances, budgeting, procurement, and project management. You can refine and improve employees’ experience with easy-to-use features, making it more productive. Any organization can improve its talent pool at teams, departments, and subsidiary levels by analyzing workforce data. A centralized system gives you a seamless experience to adopt customized versions integrated with the latest features and access remotely.  

Other valuable NetSuite products include NetSuite SuiteCommerce, NetSuite Suite OpenAir, NetSuite SuiteSuccess, NetSuite Professional Services Automation, and NetSuite Business Intelligence. Explore the available products that align with the nature of your business before going ahead with implementation.

Pay For What You Need Only 

NetSuite offers products to businesses by charging an annual license fee. The license has three components: core platform, number of users, and optional modules. You can get licensing based on an individual or bundle subscription. The NetSuite core platform can handle accounting, tax, inventory, and order management. For a specific industry, it has the option of an “industry suite” that consists of a set of modules specially designed for that industry. You can license an industry suite depending on your line of work. You can pay for what you need and when you use it, making cloud-based software a cost-effective solution. You must research before going ahead with licensing to pay only for the modules you need. You can only remove modules during contract renewal, which damages your pocket during that period. 

Customize NetSuite Implementation 

You can complete NetSuite implementation quickly as there is no need to set up servers and configure devices. Based on cloud technology, NetSuite works best with the methodology of SuiteSuccess implementation. It tailors the implementation process according to the industry’s size and needs. At present, 12 industries can implement SuiteSuccess editions. These include food and beverage, manufacturing, apparel and footwear, retail, wholesale distribution, etc. 


Undoubtedly, NetSuite is a reliable, fast, and efficient solution for managing all crucial business processes and operations at every level. You need to be vigilant and tech-savvy to get the desired outcomes. To successfully implement NetSuite, you can always consult industry experts to seek advice. This way, you can reach set targets and provide solutions to problems before they disrupt major operations. In short, NetSuite is irreplaceable with its powerful one interface functionality and universal access from anywhere. 

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