Tips for a Successful DIY Bathroom Remodel

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Any change we bring into our homes requires planning and a good budget. However, people find remodeling their bathroom often heavy on the pocket, giving rise to simple DIY remodeling tips. The appeal to DIYs is they are quick and more accessible, and there is an element of self-teaching about them.

On the contrary, the rewiring and plumbing upgrade may cost a lot if you live in Muskegon. According to the latest survey in Muskegon, most homeowners paid an average of $10,381 for bathroom remodeling. But remember, your bathroom needs plenty of space, so you feel free from cramming up in a place that is supposed to make you comfortable or relaxed. Be clever with your design and make the toiletries accessible. 

Have a look at some of our ideas to spruce up your bathroom on a budget:

Replace hardware

When remodeling your bathroom space, you must pay attention to the details. Your bathroom hardware, including toilet paper holder, tower holder, and shower head, plays a crucial role in deciding the look of your bathroom. 

Shower Head

Installing your shower head can be a DIY job! But the technical part is choosing the right shower head for yourself. The typical cost range for renovating a ¾ bathroom in Michigan is $30,000 to $55,000. For a primary bathroom remodel, the average cost range is between $55,000 and $85,000.

If you live in Muskegon, consulting BBB-credited consultants and remodelers like the All Weather Seal of West Michigan would be ideal. They are one of the best Muskegon shower replacement experts for bathroom remodeling and can provide an accurate estimate. They specialize in designing bathrooms to meet all your needs while providing the highest quality craftsmanship for a lasting result.

Bathroom Faucet

Keep the hardware change simple and DIY-friendly by choosing the faucet that needs the same piping configuration. For example, if you have a two-handle faucet, replacing it with the same type rather than a center set unit is more effortless.

Toilet Paper Dispenser

Installing or replacing your toilet paper dispenser is a DIY job. All you need is a pencil, a ruler, and a screwdriver. You can install your toilet paper dispenser in two ways: on the toilet side wall or behind the toilet, about 8 inches above the bowl. There is a wide variety of dispenser designs with ranging costs. Go for a plastic dispenser, which is much more economical than a stainless steel one.

Repaint hardware

Replacing other bathroom hardware like door knobs, cabinet knobs, and drawer pulls is not budget-friendly, so it is better to paint them with your choice of color. Make sure you cover the area around it with tape and tarps. Try pulling them out using a screwdriver and paint them separately so you don’t mess up other pieces of furniture. Spray paint is easy on your pocket and requires no particular skill or training to get the job done.

Change the flooring

Ceramic tiles are a trendy choice for bathroom flooring. However, vinyl or laminate can save a lot, as they are DIY-friendly. Vinyl flooring is a very sensible choice for your bathrooms as it is moisture-resistant and easy to clean. The color of your flooring makes your space look big or small. So, experiment with these materials and a different variety of colors. Choose something with low porosity and low maintenance.

Add a rustic texture

Turn a simple wastebasket into a vintage accessory by wrapping jute rope around it with hot glue. It gives a very natural and crafty look to your space. Consider the same hack for more tools you can find in your bathroom, like your toothbrush holder or vanity box. 

Hang wall art

Hanging wall art is a swift and straightforward way to spruce up your bathroom space. Use minimal paintings or frames like floral displays or abstract art for a more aesthetic look. If you are a DIY lover, you can even make something independently. Find a good place to hang your painting, get a nail and hammer, and you are good to go. For a more natural and aesthetic vibe, hang a flower wreath above the toilet or around your mirror. 

Remodel your countertop

Avoid spending a fortune remodeling your countertop, and go for a granite-look contact paper. The installation is super quick and easy and gives the same appearance as marble. It is the easiest remodel for any DIY beginner. Moreover, it is readily available and costs as low as $6 per roll compared to marble or granite, starting from $35 per square foot, excluding labor costs.

Refinish bathtub

Refinishing your bathtub with an easy-to-paint epoxy is a very affordable option. It lasts for approximately 10- 20 years, much longer than concrete. The DIY kit you need to get this task done is high-priced, but for your bathtub, you will need a minimal amount. You can also purchase the items separately in small amounts, which will be light in your pocket.

Reduce clutter

Organize your toiletries on a bamboo tray or repurpose an old mirror instead of putting it in messy cabinets. Reducing clutter also includes removing expired products and tubes with very little product. Also, place a scented candle and the essentials to give the space a soothing vibe or a small shrub in a ceramic pot for a pop of color. These materials are inexpensive; you can quickly get them from any dollar store nearby. 

Adjust Bathroom Lighting

The preferred light color temperature for bathrooms is somewhere between the middle of soft white and daylight. Adjusting the lighting is another budget-friendly and DIY way to spruce your bathroom. Install warm light, i.e., with hints of yellow, for the sink. For the remaining area, go for a dim, well-distributed, warm white or light golden. It adds to the cozy and relaxing vibe of your space.


A successful bathroom remodel requires a little extra effort. Make your bathroom comfortable and relaxing while being functional. Moreover, it should appeal to your eyes as you spend much time there. The smallest bathroom remodels can make the space attractive for you, so you will often not need to spend a fortune to spruce up your space.

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