Timing is Everything on Social Media

Social Media Post Time
Social Media Post Time

Whether you’re a business who’s actively engaged in a social media plan to reach more customers and expand your client base or just an attention loving social media enthusiast who’s always aiming for higher like and retweet numbers social media can be a big part of your day. Did you know that it actually does matter what time of day you’re dedicating to your social media fans and footprint? Sure, one of the great things about the internet is that anyone can connect anytime from anywhere but it turns out that there’s a little bit more going on that you might like to know about.

First of all, it’s a very good idea if you can use social media tools and data compilation services to track and analyze your own specific data because not every generalization will match your company, customers, or needs specifically so it’s good to have an up close look on the data that really matters. You can post links with trackers that gather information and also keep track of your own records on posts that you share or connections that you make and see how effective they are at all times of the day before you compare.

The next step is to see what generalizations are true for the general public on different social media sites:

Facebook, it turns out, shows the most conversion rates in the early afternoon between 1 and 4 PM when bored workers take a mental break at their desk.

Tweets really start flying between 1 and 3 PM in the early afternoon.

Instagram is an evening activity for most folks who check their phones during dinner between 5 and 6 PM.

Google+ won’t get you much publicity in the afternoon and evening, though, as most people check the site between 9 and 11 AM.

You should post to Pinterest between 8 and 11 PM while folks prepare and plan for weekend projects and fun treats.

Finally, Tumblr posts gain the most traction between 7 and 10 PM when the browsers and bloggers come out to play!

Social Media Post Timing
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