This Home Security System Is #1 In Customer Satisfaction, According To J.D. Power

Home security has become necessary more than ever. As people are more on the go and spending less time at home, burglars are becoming more and more encouraged to break-in. If you are worried about your valuables and your safety, you should seriously think about getting the right protection from a professional service. The market is full of such providers, so make good research before you decide on one.

J.D. Powers lists Brinks home security as the #1 home security system according to customer satisfaction, so you should surely check out the Brinks home security review and see what it has to offer and whether it meets your needs.

How to get it started?

All you have to do is to pick a plan and a security system either by phone or online and choose whether you would like to install it or get a professional installation. It requires unpackaging and just sticking the equipment on the wall. Once you have installed and activated the professional monitoring, you are all set!

Can I shop for different security systems?

There are a few security systems that Brinks is offering to its customers: Smart Security Ultimate, Smart Security Complete, Smart Security Essential, and Nest Secure. Make sure you check all of their features in order to find the best match for you.

Is there professional monitoring?

A team of experts is always monitoring your home, analyzing alarms when they activate, and dispatch the right authorities in just a second.

Is there a trial period?

If this security system is not meeting your needs, you can return it within 30 days and get a whole refund.

Can you take it with you when you are changing homes?

Of course, you can transfer your home security system to your brand-new home. The wireless self-installed systems are perfect for you if you are moving frequently. Just take the equipment with you, set it up to the new location, and let Brinks know that you have switched homes.

Can you connect smart home devices?

This is the hottest trend at the moment, and most homeowners are looking forward to having all of their smart home devices connected to their system’s mobile app.

Can you transition your old alarm system with Brinks services?

Well, Brinks claim to have a vast experience of transferring old alarm systems into their monitoring and service, so you just give them a call and get real security.


The Brinks home security system is protecting over 1 million people which is a great proof of #1 customer service. Plus, all of the features that they have seem to match different needs, so everyone’s able to find the thing that they are looking for pretty quickly and easily. If you are about to sign a contract with a home security provider really soon, Brinks may be just the ideal choice for you as well.

Customer satisfaction never lies.

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