The Unexpected Box Office Success Of “Uncharted”, Loved Both By Critics And Fans

The long-awaited movie adaptation of the video game series, Uncharted, exceeded expectations and is expected to make around $45 million over the Presidents’ Day weekend. The movie’s strong opening marks a return to form for Sony, with Tom Holland leading the film’s cast. Spider-Man: Homecoming came in third place this weekend, and its impressive performance helped push it past the $100 million mark. The story of Uncharted has had a rocky road to production. At one point, Mark Wahlberg was supposed to play Nathan Drake, but the project kept getting delayed.

Over the years, various actors were attached to the project before it was handed to Ruben Fleischer, who directed Zombieland and Venom. Video game adaptations have had a hard time finding success in the past, and except for Warcraft, few have been able to pull it off successfully. In 2018, Tomb Raider had a three-day opening of less than $24 million.

Like Uncharted, Channing Tatum and Reid Carolin’s dog movie, Dogs, exceeded expectations. It made $14.4 million over the four-day weekend. Sony’s No Way Home continued to dominate the box office, and it eventually became the third-highest-grossing film of all time. It has made over $750 million in domestic sales since its December 2017 release. Death on the Nile performed well across its second weekend, with an estimated $7.6 million gross. It is still slightly less than the movie’s predecessor, but it still managed to top its first.

The Amount of Money Unchartered has made at the Box Office

Both films are based on novels by Agatha Christie, and they feature the likes of Kenneth Branagh in the lead role. The movie was a bit of a struggle to sell when the public was still hesitant to venture out. Jackass Forever came in third with a strong $6.1 million over the four days, and it has now made over $46 million worldwide. This is the first main entry in the franchise since 2001. It marks the second straight weekend that Paramount has won over the competition. The action-adventure film “Uncharted,” starring Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland, was released in more than 4200 theatres in February 2022. It performed well at the domestic box office, with $102.27 million in domestic sales. It has been a week since the film’s release, and it has already completed its budget at the box office. 

According to various news portals, the movie has become the highest-grossing film of 2022 at the worldwide box office. Before its release, many people thought that the film would only collect around $35 million on its opening weekend. However, it ended up with a total of $44 million, which is better than the expectations of the audience and critics.

If Uncharted performs well on its opening weekend, it might be considered a good enough package to be a hit in normal circumstances. Or maybe it was just a case of the movie trailers being a good enough package to be a hit in normal circumstances. That’s a conversation worth having, though we’ll see if the film ends up being frontloaded over the holiday. After its premiere on February 18, which received unfavourable reviews, Sony’s “Undecessor” made over $55 million worldwide. With a budget of over $120 million, the movie is on its way to becoming a worldwide commercial success. It’s also on track to become the second straight blockbuster movie from Sony after Spider-Man: No Way Home.

How Uncharted is a Box Office Success

Developing the film adaptation of “Undecessor” has been a long and arduous road. Many of its elements were in doubt even before the movie was released. For instance, when Mark Wahlberg was initially tapped to play the lead role, he was replaced by Tom Holland. Uncharted’s box office earnings are a pleasant surprise, as they were initially expected to be overshadowed by Scream. Since then, various films have posted respectable numbers, though not quite jaw-dropping ones. 

With Morbius being released in April, Sony will win its third straight box office success. The movie has a post-credit scene that hints at a potential sequel. It has been suggested that Holland would reprise his role as Nathan Drake. Not exactly getting stellar reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, but its impressive box office success makes it more impressive. On the other hand, its audience approval rating is 90 percent. Sony Pictures’ Tom Rothman noted that the film was still able to pull in a worldwide audience despite the obstacles despite the pandemic. Its success is further proof of the power of the theatrical model.

How Uncharted Sets Up a Sequel

Despite the reviews, the box office success of Uncharted shows that people still care about the movie. The audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes is also 90% fresh, which suggests that the film is still enjoying its audience. The criticisms levied against the movie were mostly misplaced, as it was a fun adventure that showcased one of Hollywood’s rising stars.

Even though the film was criticized, its box office success has led to the development of a sequel.

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