The Rise Of The Electric Car

The electric car revolution is slowly gathering pace in the UK with more and more motorists starting to make the switch. There are a number of reasons as to why this is, including people becoming increasingly eco-conscious, Government pres-sure and the implementation of bans and restrictions, and improving infrastructure and financial benefits. Another major benefit is that there are now many more models of electric cars available, giving consumers much greater choice.


Not too long ago, there were only a handful of electric cars available which did not give consumers much choice. Choice is so important when it comes to choos-ing an automobile as people have different needs, budgets and tastes. European carmakers have all turned to electric vehicles in recent years and in 2020 there are now many different new and old models available.

UK Favourites Turned Electric

Previous models were targeted at niche markets, but recently manufacturers have seen which way the public perception is going and taken action to make electric versions of many of the UK’s favorite vehicles. This includes models like the Mini, Fiat 500, and Vauxhall Corsa – three cars that are consistently amongst the top-selling vehicles in the UK.

The Future

If all goes according to plan, the number of electric vehicles will rise from less than 100 to 175 by the end of the year and by 2025 there will be 330+. Looking even further ahead, it is predicted that more than 50% of new cars will be electric worldwide. In the UK, the proposed 2035 ban on the sale of petrol and electric vehicles will be a major turning point but even now many motorists are beginning to make the switch. That means there will need to be an EV charging network.


As more motorists begin to make the switch and electric cars become more com-mon, they will soon start to flood through into the second-hand car market which will make it much more affordable for those that are thinking about making the switch but currently are put off by the price tag. The cost of new cars will also start to fall as the competition increases.

Electric cars were a rarity on the streets not too long ago but now there are many more options for motorists and many are starting to make the switch. People are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, plus motorists can make enormous savings in the long-term and now should be able to find an electric model that fits in with their lifestyle.

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