Is CBD Oil Safe For Dogs? Does It Work?

In recent times, pet owners are discovering the many benefits that CBD provides to their dogs and cats. has a great variety of CBD products for pets. However, the current cannabidiol trend in the lives of animals has resulted in scrutiny from health providers and medical establishments.

Many dog owners claim that veterinary health product licensing approved CBD oil is an excellent treatment and therapy for their dogs, while there are still some who think that since CBD originates from marijuana, it wouldn’t be of any help to their furry companions.. But popular brands like holistapet have since proven that it is possible to enjoy cannabis without the high.

As you read on, you will find out more about what cannabidiol is, some of the benefits it provides to pet, and my stance on the compound’s safety.

What is CBD Oil?

When people hear cannabis or cannabinoid oil, they picture the worst, making them wary of the compound. Even though there have been lots of movement to legalize cannabis, there are still people who disapprove of the compound. Still, it doesn’t mean that CBD oil should be put in the same text bracket as cannabis.

CBD oil is gotten from the flowers and leaves of a cannabis plant. There are several ways to extract oil from cannabinoid plant, some of which remove almost all the THC components from the plant. THC is the component in marijuana that causes the “high” feeling.

The part of the plant that is most targeted to bring out the oil extract is the flower. The flower has trichomes that have lots of essential oils. Marijuana can consist of up to 80 cannabinoids, which can either be THC or CBD, while CBD is typically used for its medical properties. Learn more about the differences between CBD and THC.

The most crucial step to ensure that cannabinoid is safe for use in administering the compound in its proper dosage. The right dosage has little or no THC, so it cannot cause any mental disorder in your pets.

Depending on the product you purchase, if it contains no THC or a minimal amount of it, it will perform very significant for the dog.

Some of the Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Some dog parents have one or two older dogs and have witnessed them experiencing pain and anxieties. A dog might feel pain and anxiety, only if he/she has arthritis and other medical condition that comes with old age. There are several treatments and medications for this, but they later tend to lose their potency, which impacts your dog’s quality of life.

When pet owners began to administer cannabinoid oil to their older dogs who suffer from anxiety, they noticed the positive changes it brought to their dog’s life. Cannabinoid oil helps to reduce stress in dogs, including separation anxiety and fear during fireworks and thunderstorms. It also helps to deal with inflammations, which acts as an excellent therapy for dogs suffering from arthritis.

Sometimes, cannabinoid oil can be used as a natural ingredient as a substitute for phenobarbital. Recent studies have shown that pets who suffer from chronic seizures can drastically improve the condition when administered cannabinoid oil. Phenobarbital has several side effects, but CBD can be taken without any, only when administered over the recommended dosage.

You can find more in this link Medical News Today about the side effects of CBD.

There are also some testimonies from pet owners who claim that cannabis has helped them resolve some medical conditions in their pets. Below are a few of those conditions:

· Joint pains

· Liver tumors

· neuropathic disorders

· Blood disorder

· Kidney disease

· Cancer in dogs

· Muscle and back spasm

It has also been suggested that cannabinoid is safe for treating minor conditions like mood swings, diabetes, and sleep disorder.

Final Thoughts

It may seem scary the idea of your furry friends ingesting cannabis in their system. But if you have the right knowledge regarding the differences between marijuana and cannabidiol, you have nothing to worry about.

Researchers have found out that CBD contains little or no THC ingredients, whereas marijuana contains as much 0.30% of THC ingredients. This is to say that CBD is more than safe for consumption.

CBD, in its natural state, is well enjoyed by pets. Side effects might only arise when the compound is synthetic or overly administered. For this reason, I advise you to purchase from reputable sources and conduct your vet for advice before administering cannabinoid oil to your dogs.

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