The Power Of Technology: What Will A Post-Lockdown Future Look Like?

The ongoing global pandemic this year has significantly changed how things work now in the world right now. It has affected the way people work, the way they travel, how they communicate and has also affected how things will be in the future. Previously, holidaymakers were eager to spend some time abroad in the summer sun. However, with Covid-19 still ever-present right now, many people are choosing to opt for ‘staycations’ for their time away.

When lockdowns around the world were at their tightest, many people were turning to technology, and gear and gadgets, to communicate with their loved ones. For example, Zoom became a very popular tool for people to use to stay in touch with others. People also use a teleprompter app for zoom which is more popular than ever. While technology has helped make our lives easier in many different ways over the years, it can help us even more so now. Whether it’s booking a staycation away or ordering takeaway food, here are just some ways that technology can help us post-lockdown.

The rising popularity of staycations

As lockdown measures around the world start to loosen, many holidaymakers who have missed out on their holiday abroad are looking for places to go. However, with strict travel restrictions still present in many areas, going abroad seems like a risky move right now. Instead, a holiday at home or a ‘staycation’ can still be a great holiday for many. Some of the best US staycation destinations right now are Dewey Beach in Delaware, Joshua Tree Park in California, and the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. According to a recent Citysuites survey, 24.9% of UK adults also said that they prefer to holiday in the UK until there is a coronavirus vaccine.

Utilizing Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps can be useful for a wide variety of tasks, especially when traveling. Some of the best travel apps for 2019 included Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and Hopper for flights and overnight stays. Now more than ever, it’s important for travelers to use mobile apps to regularly check up on their reservations and travel plans for any last-minute changes. With Covid-19 still being so unpredictable, hotels and transport plans could be canceled at the last minute.

New office working routines

When the coronavirus peaked in areas around the world, a lot of businesses and local areas asked their workers to work from home where possible. Remote working became a new routine that many people had to get used to as shifts and meetings had to take place at home. While many people have adjusted to working from home with ease, a lot of people have also had to get used to using unfamiliar technology to be able to carry out work tasks. If businesses hadn’t been using them before, employees might have had to learn the ropes of using Microsoft Teams, Slack, Trello, and more, to communicate and collaborate with the rest of their team.

Making the most of video conferencing technology

While in-person meetings have had to be paused for safety measures, video conferencing technology has become widely used by businesses over the past few months during the global pandemic. Zoom and Skype are just two popular applications that have seen a huge surge in users in 2020. These video conferencing technologies have allowed workers to hold meetings seamlessly with a small group or large group of people from the comfort of their homes.

More safety precautions in public spaces

The habit of wearing masks in public has become common practice today because of coronavirus. Travelers and shoppers may have to keep doing this even in the future to eliminate any risks. Some shops and restaurants around the world have implemented social distanced queuing systems, plastic screen protectors, hand sanitizers at entrances, and much more. As many people are still apprehensive and cautious about going to busy public places, they might choose to stay home as much as possible to avoid risks.

Making purchases online

During the pandemic this year, many people have been staying home more often and making purchases online instead. With fast Wi-Fi connection and with mobile apps for global shops, such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, it’s now easier than ever for people to avoid public contact and order online instead. Rather than eating out, takeaways deliveries are still as popular as ever. Some of the most popular food delivery apps to use in the US right now are UberEats, Doordash, and Grubhub.

Using more eco-friendly ways to travel

During the lockdown, there have been a lot of people trying to get outdoors more to improve their health and fitness and experience new sights while social distancing. According to a recent study by Slick Willie’s on Are People Exercising More Or Less During Lockdown?, their survey found that 29% of respondents were exercising more than usual during the lockdown in the UK. Whether it’s from running, walking, cycling, or skating, there are a lot of people who are getting outdoors to exercise more in 2020 after being indoors for so long. As much public transport around the world has social distancing and safety measures in place, post-lockdown life could see more people ditching public transport for more eco-friendly ways of traveling.

Spending more time outdoors

As the United States has plenty of green spaces to visit across different states, people might be looking to spend more time outdoors in the fresh air. Maine, Montana, and Arizona all have beautiful National Parks to visit such as Acadia National Park, Glacier National Park, and Grand Canyon National Park. For hikers that want to stay informed and connected while on a trail, apps such as PeakVisor, Yonder, and Geocaching, are just some of the best hiking apps to use on your adventure.

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