The Packaging Business And The Importance Of Tape In 2021

The popularity of industrial packaging tape has been steadily increasing over the past few decades. These types of tapes have numerous advantages over ordinary tape, making them suitable for wrapping, masking, adhesive bonding and more. Packaging tapes are manufactured using strong adhesive films and backing products that bond well with wood, cartons, concrete, metal and an assortment of other materials. You can purchase the best double-sided film tape and other specialty tapes at

Types of industrial packing tape:

There’s a wide variety of packaging tape available in the market. These include:

Duct tape: this popular tape variety uses a strong acrylic adhesive to secure your packages. This tape has exceptional adhesion properties and amazing shear resistance. Duct tape is versatile and it derives many industrial applications.

Acrylic packing tape: this tape bonds well with corrugated boxes and surfaces. Apart from having outstanding UV resistance, this tape provides remarkable clarity and can withstand extreme packaging temperatures. Acrylic packing tape is versatile, affordable and reliable for a variety of packaging conditions.

Label protection tape: this variety of adhesion tape is specially designed to safeguard brand labels. It’s placed over a specific label to protect it from water damage, chemical abrasion and harsh elements. Label protection tape is highly resistant to heat, moisture and corrosive chemicals.

Double-sided film tape: if you’re looking to stick two different packages firmly together, then the double-sided tape would suit you perfectly. This tape variety is equipped with a strong adhesive agent on both sides. It’s commonly used in many industries, thanks to its wide-ranging applications.

Here are 5 benefits of using packaging tape for your business:

Sturdy and long-lasting

If you’re in the packaging industry, then you probably understand the importance of securing your shipments with strong adhesive materials. Packaging tape is specially designed to serve this role. It’s durable and can withstand all kinds of storage conditions. While ordinary tape would degrade in hot temperatures, packaging tapes thrive since they utilize adhesives that have a resilient film. Using these sturdy tapes guarantees that your consignments won’t tear or spill out when they’re being dispatched.

Tracking your packages

Some custom packaging tapes allow users to trace their products during the shipping process. These tapes usually have unique identification codes printed on them. When scanned, these codes provide evidence that your shipments have arrived at a particular warehouse or docking bay. Using traceable packing tape can help business owners to track, store and group their consignments with remarkable ease. It also improves accountability by prompting your courier partners to transport your packages with care. If you’d like to utilize such custom tape in your business, simply talk to your packing tape providers about how you can get them.

Effective branding

Did you know that packaging tape can help grow your brand? Remarkably, such tape can be customized with your brand name and logo, allowing your customers to notice you. These days, consumers are keen on nitty-gritty things like how different companies package their products, customer support, CSR activities and so on. Branding your packing tape is a surefire way to impress clients and turn them into loyal supporters. This improved brand visibility can elevate your company tremendously, allowing you to appear professional in different circles. Gladly, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to customize your packaging tape with your brand details.

Provides evidence of tampering

Packaging tape can also provide tamper-evidence, meaning that you’ll certainly know when someone has interfered with your shipments. Some people may try breaking into your packages to steal the contents therein. However, breaking the seal of bespoke packing tapes can be easily identified − this isn’t the case with ordinary tape. Clearly, using tamper-evident packaging tape for your packing needs provides better proof of product tinkering during transit. When your customers complain that their delivery was tampered with, you can easily confirm this claim and handle the issue accordingly.

Cost-effective packaging

Using custom packing tape can help lower your packaging costs considerably. After all, branding the tape is relatively cheaper than branding the entire box. Although these marginal savings might seem too insignificant to count, their benefits are felt when you’re handling bulk consignments. In business, every dollar counts. Every coin you’re able to save can be used somewhere else. Branding doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. Simply purchase some plain cartons and use your branded packaging tape to wrap them securely prior to shipment. Such bespoke tapes also allow you to stand out from the competition.

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