Free YouTube Subscribers: Best Sites, Apps, And Bots To Get Them

How can you get free YouTube subscribers? Have you recently landed on the Tube and asked yourself this question? Perfect, I’m here to answer you!

When you decide to open a YouTube channel, after having armed yourself with goodwill and patience, the first thing to do is to try to understand which are the best tools to maximize your efforts.

On the market, and more generally on the net, there are many methods to grow your community and quickly reach 1000 subscribers on your recently created YouTube channel.

But are these all legal methods you can trust? To dispel any doubts, I wrote this article in which I reported the best sites, apps, and bots to get free subscribers on YouTube.

Having free subscribers will help you get noticed by other users, thanks to the so-called bandwagon effect, but remember: if you want your community to become solid and your channel to grow in the long run, the secret is always in creating quality content!

Free YouTube Subscribers: Top 3 Sites to Get Them

First, let’s see which are the 3 best sites to have free subscribers on YouTube. These are platforms based on the exchange of subscribers between you and other YouTubers, through a simple and automated process. Let’s find out together!

  1. SubPals

At the first position of this list of sites to get subscribers on YouTube for free, we find SubPals (here the official site), a world-famous platform for SEO and growth analysis services on YouTube.

Through this site, you can immediately activate a function that allows you to receive 10 new subscribers every 12 hours. The service is free and is activated very quickly.

To take advantage of it, you will only need a few steps: go to the official SubPals website by clicking here, enter your channel ID (which you can find at this link ), then complete the procedure by providing an e-mail address and a password.

The service is based on the exchange of subscribers between you and the other YouTubers who access this platform to increase their numbers. In this way, it is possible to encourage safe and regular growth. When you go to activate the service, the effects will already be visible from the same day of activation.

Furthermore, it must be emphasized that SubPals is safe and reliable, as it does not in any way go against the YouTube algorithm. So by taking advantage of its subscriber increase service you will not run any risk of seeing your account penalized or blocked.

They also do offer higher quality and quicker delivery of subscribers if you choose to buy YouTube subscribers.

  1. YTpals

The second selected for this list of sites to receive free YouTube subscribers is YTpals ( here you will find the official website): it is a platform very similar to the previous one and which offers the possibility of receiving “likes” in addition to subscribers.

YTpals allows you to receive 10 subscribers and 20 likes every 12 hours, and all this is free and with a few clicks: in fact, you just need to access this site, enter the URL (you can find it here ) of your channel, and the game it’s done!

This platform is also based on a subscriber exchange network between you and other YouTubers. But the peculiarity of YTpals lies in the offer of many premium services in addition to the free ones, linked to the increase of followers, subscribers, likes, views, comments, and shares for YouTube and all other existing social networks. For example, you can buy YouTube likes directly from them.

  1. SoNuker

The third site selected for you who want to increase free YouTube subscribers is SoNuker (here you will find the official website): this platform also provides services through which you can receive free subscribers on the red platform.

SoNuker offers a free service that allows you to receive, within twelve hours, 10 subscribers and 20 “likes” on your YouTube channel. To activate it, simply register on the official website of the service and choose the free plan.

You can request the delivery of 10 subscribers for your channel continuously, every 12 hours, and the same goes for YouTube likes. Like the previous sites, SoNuker also uses a network of YouTubers to be able to provide free services, which are therefore based on the logic of the like and subscriber exchange.

In addition to the free plan, SoNuker offers premium growth packages on YouTube: Enterprise, Elite, and Celebrity, with prices between 20 and 80 dollars per month, but which will allow you to increase your number of subscribers much faster. and regular, without having to subscribe to the channels of users who subscribe to yours.

Tool and bot to increase YouTube subscribers for free

Apart from sites based on the exchange of subscribers, there are also several tools, applications, extensions for Google Chrome, and bots on the market that allow you to get subscribers for YouTube for free. Let’s see some of the most famous, explaining their functionality.

  1. VidIQ

VidIQ ( here the official website ) is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to enhance the basic functions of YouTube, through numerous SEO analysis tools, statistics, automatic suggestions, analytics, and useful information for every Youtuber.

Through this tool you can increase YouTube subscribers for free and in a short time, going to work on the optimization of the videos already present on your channel. You must know that creating great content on YouTube is only half the battle for popularity. The other half is represented by the analysis of the results obtained and optimization; all things you can do through VidIQ’s many features:

  • keyword research for YouTube;
  • analysis of competitors in your niche;
  • notifications on keyword search trends;
  • analysis of the speed with which the views arrive at your videos;
  • productivity tools to speed up your work;
  • preview generator for your videos;
  • real-time statistics of your content.

VidIQ presents a free version, which you can access by registering on this page. To access all the potential of the platform, I still recommend activating the premium plan, which will give a decisive boost to your YouTube channel.

  1. TubeBuddy

When making a list of useful tools for the growth of a YouTube channel, one cannot fail to mention TubeBuddy ( here you will find the official website ). Using this tool it is almost impossible not to see an increase in subscribers on your channel.

This tool is very useful for improving the productivity, quality, and optimization of the videos you upload to your channel. Here are its main functions:

  • productivity: about twenty features to speed up the process of creating new videos, even automating some steps such as the creation of the preview and the final screen;
  • SEO optimization: tools that allow you to identify and use the keywords in your videos in the best way, to increase their visibility and get new subscribers automatically;
  • promotion: features that allow you to automatically publish your videos also on other social media, suggesting the best publication time each time;
  • data & research: a suite of tools related to the process of analyzing data and statistics on videos, also about your competition.

This tool, just like VidIQ, is in practice an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox, which can therefore be used directly via your web browser, or as an app for smartphones.

Signing up for TubeBuddy is free, and the same goes for the basic plan, which requires no payment from you and already offers great features to increase YouTube subscribers for free. The premium plans are still really good and inexpensive, so I suggest you take a look at them on this page.

  1. TubeAssist Pro III

As a third choice, I opted for a real YouTube bot: TubeAssist Pro III (here is the official website), very powerful software that allows you to increase YouTube views, likes, comments, and subscribers automatically.

TubeAssist Pro III is downloadable as software ( you can do it by clicking here ) under license, with a single lifetime payment, or with a monthly subscription plan. Once set, the bot will set up automatisms that will allow you to interact with other users and attract them to your channel. Here are its main functions:

  • Like / unlike automatically put or unlike hundreds of other videos;
  • Automatic subscription to YouTube channels that meet certain requirements;
  • Automatic and personalized comment to a large number of videos;
  • Interaction with YouTube lives streaming automatically.

Potentially TubeAssist Pro III is one of the most effective ways to get free subscribers on YouTube, as while you are focused on the content, this bot will do the hardest and most boring work for you, giving you a lot of exposure.

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