The Neurosphere developers have successfully launched a platform for working with business

The Neurosphere company – scientific achievements

The Neurosphere is a company that has made a valuable contribution to science, actively developing ideas for the study and implementation of artificial intelligence in everyday life. A group of scientists in 2016 presented to the world not only the work of artificial intelligence but also successful ways of teaching it. The implementation of this technology has brought neural networks to a new level.

Researches in neuroscience have been conducted by The Neurosphere scientists since November 2015. The main idea of working with artificial intelligence was not only to deeply study the technology but also to bring it to the masses. According to researchers, technology should be available to everyone. This will help increase overall productivity and eliminate the need to waste time and energy where the machine can do the job.

Testing the latest software platform

Beta testing of The Neurosphere product has already been launched. The beta version is an almost ready-made version of the software, the purpose of which is to identify errors in the work, and their subsequent elimination. Thus, The Neurosphere scientists plan to obtain artificial intelligence that will continuously and without errors perform the tasks and will be able to adapt to any new working conditions.

Now, the software interface uses the capabilities of The Neurosphere to develop new products and introduce new technologies. The company’s website contains information that working with simulated objects is not charged, while all API products show real development data.

On the website you can read a message from the head of the company, which states that the next versions of the software will be able to work with real data. There will be a restriction on numbers – no more than five, the ownership of which will have to be confirmed through one-time passwords. This format of testing work with real data will be useful, said the head of The Neurosphere.

Now, you can see that not all functions of The Neurosphere apps are available since the development is in a private beta version. The developers claim that they plan to expand the custom functions of the account for more extensive use of the program’s new version.

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