The Most Detailed Customization In The Series: Details Of The Gameplay Reveal Of Far Cry 6

On May 20, there was a closed presentation of Far Cry 6. Unfortunately, we have not yet been allowed to test the game; however, developers from different Ubisoft departments talked about the main features of the sixth part. We have outlined what we heard in detail and now we are sharing the first details with you.

The Plot of the Story and Key Characters

The game is set in the fictional Caribbean country of Yara, ruled by Anton Castillo (Giancarlo Esposito). Like other dictators, he regularly talks in the controlled media about what will return his homeland to its former greatness, but in fact, it has become impoverished and turned into a police state. There is permanent martial law in the capital.

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The main character of Far Cry 6 is a former military person Dani Rojas (you can choose the gender, but in the first trailer for the press, it is a girl). She became an orphan because of Castillo and wants to take revenge on him by becoming “a match that will ignite the fire of the revolution.” 

But this does not happen right away – at the beginning of the story, she tries to flee the country, but then she encounters Castillo’s “incredible cruelty” and changes her mind. Like other Far Cry heroes, she gradually starts a war with the gigantic forces of the enemy.

Dani will not organize a revolution alone, but together with the Libertad group. This organization is headed by Clara Garcia. Unlike the main character, she came not from the bottom, but from the top of Yara – she gave up a prosperous life in order to change the situation in the country. In addition, their cause will be assisted by a charming aged man – Juan Cortez, who has more than one coup attempt behind him.

When creating the story and gameplay moments, the team was inspired by the slogan “Reality is stranger than fiction” – this is how the developers tried not to limit their imagination.

Gameplay Basics and New Features of the Sixth Part

The developers focus on the fact that this time a whole country is in front of the players and not a separate gorge or region. There is also the largest city in the series’ history, and many different biomes, including tropical beaches, mountains, and swamps.

Both versions of the main character are voiced and take full part in the cut-scenes. The protagonist is no longer dumb and in the cutscenes, he will be shown from the third person.

In Far Cry 6, the developers tried to show all aspects of the revolution in maximum detail. Castillo has hundreds of thousands of people, so just killing all the enemies is not an option. Therefore, Dani knows how to hide weapons so as not to attract attention. This is a mechanic that significantly changes the gameplay of Far Cry, allowing you to explore the world without constant attacks from opponents.

Many hidden paths remain from the 1967 revolution in Yar – from trails in the jungle to sewers in the capital. These routes will be part of the gameplay – the player will find supplies and valuable items there.

The player will regain control on the roads by capturing checkpoints and control in the air by destroying anti-aircraft guns at military bases. Outposts will also return but their developers have presented them in a new form – these will be schools, TV stations, and other peaceful buildings that used to belong to the people of Yara.

In Far Cry 6, the most detailed customization of equipment – the appearance of the character can be customized in detail and each element will affect the characteristics. For example, you can hang powerful armor on your chest and choose pants that are comfortable for quick and inconspicuous movement. The game even has gloves that increase the accuracy of throwing knives.


Far Cry 5 not only became the most successful game in the series but turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the outgoing generation of consoles for Ubisoft. Unsurprisingly, the publisher decided to fix the bugs rather than restarting the franchise as they did with Assassin’s Creed.

Perhaps the main improvement in the sixth part is the return of a full-fledged protagonist, with a face and character. The female version of Dani already looks more interesting in commercials than all the protagonists of the series in recent years. And the promise of the developers to make an entire country with many different biomes is also encouraging.

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