The Many Houses Of Minecraft

Building a house is one of the most basic tasks of your virtual character. The residential building provides him with reliable protection against criminals and helps to survive in the game world of Minecraft. Because of this, everyone wants to build houses as best as possible, since the house shows the degree of wealth and the level of the player. The coolest is a mechanical house in which almost everything is automated. The researchers say even first-person towny survival servers can potentially inspire creativity as players think about strategy and look for advantages in combat.

Although, during your travel, it is recommended to build simple houses, from affordable, cheap resources, because you will need it only for an overnight stay. Of course, this house has its drawbacks. This is a strong noise from Minecraft creepers and a small strength. There are several types of houses in Minecraft. In case you want to know more about the houses in Minecraft visit skins4minecraft.

The Man-Made Cave

To build it you need a shovel and a pickaxe. First, it will be necessary to find a cave or ground place on the map of the Minecraft. Next, dig a dugout for the salvation and overnight stay of your game character in the craft world. The advantages of such a home are that it can be quickly built and protect the player from unfriendly mobs. It is built within about 30 seconds. Every user will be able to build this type of home. Disadvantage – of course, in low strength.

The man made cave from Minecraft, featuring grass, flowers and a waterfall.

Mushroom House

To make such a house, you need a mushroom (preference is given to red), bone meal and a small number of blocks from other materials. The construction is very simple – the mushroom is fed up with bone meal to the size you need. After this, it is necessary to put a ladder to it and begin to settle. The plus of this construction is its speed and low cost. The time of growing such a building will take no more than 10-15 seconds. The negative moment is weak resistance to the explosion.

Stone House

In order to build such a house, you need to have up to 3 stacks of stone blocks, up to 30 blocks of steel or glass pane. It is relatively easy to build. First of all, a kind of square (rectangle) is constructed from the blocks in the form of a cube (parallelepiped). Next, install glass doorways, glass window openings. You can do this in about 10 minutes. The house is good because it has high strength and fire resistance.

An essential convenience is that the house can easily be converted into a mechanical one, which will be original and practical at the same time. The negative qualities of this project are its typicality, as it is built by many gamers in the Minecraft sandbox.

House On A Tree

In order to build a house of this type, you need up to 3 stacks of blocks, glass and double-glazed windows, a large number of stairs are necessary. At the beginning of construction on a tree, it is possible to climb by means of lianas. You can make it on a large oak (2 to 2 blocks) or tropical wood. They go back to the wooden house with the help of stairs. The time of construction will take up to 15 minutes, not counting the time to find the right tree.

The advantage of this type of home is that it is, in fact, the most effective protection against mobs in a sandbox cannibal. The house of this type is very beautiful. Minus of such construction is only in a complex process of erection.

Screenshot from the house on a tree from the game of Minecraft.

Cottage (manor, farmstead)

To make this object it is necessary to collect up to 4 stacks of building materials of sufficient strength, glass, and double-glazed windows. Building a cottage is not easy. The simplest project of a stone with a separate farm is surrounded by a wall around it. It looks very beautiful. The positive side of such an object is the maximum degree of security. This house is built in about 4 hours. The minutes of this project include the time for its building and the required number of building materials.

Screenshot of the cottage, otherwise known as the major or farmstead, from Minecraft.


It is necessary to prepare up to 50 stacks of strong construction materials. The construction is complex and the heaviness is in its scale. However, the undoubted advantage of such a residential building is its stylishness. A user with a house of this kind acquires a certain status. The plus of the Minecraft lock is that it has a lot of free space; full invulnerability of the virtual game character in Minecraft and further it can be modified to mechanical. And of course, the beauty of the structure. Although the castle is very long to be built – up to several days. Disadvantages include: durability, in the cellars, appear creepers.

Screenshot from the game of Minecraft of the castle, including turrets and gardens.

Underwater House

To build this object, store a large amount of glass, time and nerves. The construction time will not be less than a few days. It is relatively difficult to build. But such efforts are worth it since the underwater house has a lot of positive aspects: fish is always in a free access; it is very beautiful inside and relatively safe.

Disadvantages of life underwater in Minecraft are: it is very difficult to expand underwater in Minecraft; if one unit breaks, then it is quite possible to flood; the complexity of converting it into a mechanical type due to the fact that the mechanisms will be hard to install.

Screenshot of the Underwater House from Minecraft, predominantly covered under water.

Also, if you want to stand out among other players, then you have an opportunity to build a hobbit’s house. You can peek out how to do it in BTWN. This is a team of “builders”, which consists of 12 players who have teamed up for one job. A professional community of “builders” Builder’s Refuge announced a competition of the amateur works based on the “Hobbit”. But FamilycraftDad and his comrades decided that there was no place for an amateur in the Hobbit, and they set out to create something amazing. Don’t forget to check out this easy guide, tame a horse in minecraft.

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