The Long-Waited Puffco Peak Pro Reviewed | What New Does It Offer?

The wait is over, and the brand has finally launched another state-of-the-art model from the Puffco lineup. Rumors had it that the Puffco Peak Pro is going to be one of the most innovative vaporizers ever introduced by the brand. And for what we have witnessed, they were on point.

The Puffco series has already won awards for its innovative technology and this latest launch isn’t going to be any different. Without delaying any further, let’s find out what the product has to offer and what new interesting features are introduced.

Design and Appearance

Just like others in the series, Puffco Peak Pro has a pyramid geometry — the water bubbler on top, and a wide base. The whole structure stands seven inches tall — the same height as the previous versions.

The design feature that you will absolutely love is its compatibility with other glasses. For instance, you can attach the glass top from any of the past models with Puffco Peak Pro, ensuring the highest level of customization. Overall, the device looks stunning as expected, having a futuristic look accompanied by flashy LEDs.

The Water Bubbler

The hand-blown glass is slightly more elongated in this model for enhancing water capacity. The change isn’t noticeable though. The borosilicate glass material speaks for its quality. It doesn’t just look elegant, but it is also quite sturdy.

The Base

With three inches wide, the Puffco Peak Pro’s silicone base ensures stability. The whole structure is well-balanced with the center of gravity near the bottom.

You can also point out some significant upgrades in the style — the matte gray finish, curved edges, and flashy logo. When lit, the device looks magical, something straight out of a sci-fi movie. With that being said, it can easily pass for a high-end decoration piece.


· Bluetooth App Connectivity

· Large sealed ceramic chamber

· USB-C Connection

· Wireless Qi Charging

· Customizable LED Lights

· Real-Time Temp. Control

· Double Water Capacity

· 4 pre-set heat settings.

· Auto-Sleep Function

· 2-hour fast charge time

· 30-second heat uptime

Vapor Quality and Performance

Without a doubt, the enhanced features have improved the overall performance. However, some signature things are still the same such as the slow-heating ceramic chambers. The device won’t get too hot while in use and will efficiently turn wax into flavorsome vapors.

Since the water capacity has somewhat improved, you can expect purer and finer vapors from Puffco Peak pro. The vapors will have to move from more winter, meaning they will effectively cool down. And you will receive nothing but smooth and flavorful vapors that won’t feel hot on your lips.

Battery Life

There has not been any prominent improvement in this area. The battery is the same as the past versions, which means you can dab for 20 to 30 sessions non-stop. It is built to last for a couple of days, but that strictly depends on the use. Even if it runs out of charge faster, you can quickly recharge the device using the USB-C charger. Or, you can use a power dock to wirelessly charge Puffco Peak Pro.

Integration with Smartphone

It would be spot on to say that smartphone integration is the most loved feature of this device so far. People just love how they can remotely access almost everything from their smartphones. For starters, the application showcases some essential information regarding the device’s status — battery life, current temperature, dab consumption, and heat settings.

Here are a few things that you can accomplish using the remote access:

· LEDS Customization: Undoubtedly, half of the Puffco Peak Pro’s popularity comes from the aesthetics. The device is beautiful, futuristic, and spellbinding — all credit goes to embedded LEDs. You can control the hue and the brightness of those lights. Also, when you are not using it, you can set the product on “Lantern mode.”, which features four modes — Stealth, Disco, Wave, Pulse.

· Heat Settings: Puffco Peak Pro offers four distinct and pre-programmed heat settings for personalization. You can choose between the temperatures; 545°F, 530°F, 510°F, and 490°F to match the intensify of the hit as per your taste.

· Ready Mode: It is more like a memory mode. The device keeps track of the last heat setting and uses that information to start heating the fuel right after it is removed from the dock.

Heating Chamber

The chamber itself hasn’t changed much, but the water bowl capacity certainly has. It is roughly 40% bigger now, making it perfect for group sessions or heavy use. No matter how many times it is tossed around in the group, the device will produce consistently flavorsome vapors.

The chamber is reinforced with a cap to avoid accidental spillages. What’s more, the design comes with a built-in window as well, allowing you to spectate the heating process.

The most essential feature here is the real-time temperature controls, meaning it senses the temperature and maintains the optimum heat automatically.

So, are you ready to step-up your game with Puffco Peak Pro? If yes, then make your order here Puffco Peak Pro.

What’s in the box?

· 1 x Puffco Peak Pro

· 1 x Oculus carb cap and tether

· 1 x Dab tool & cleaning swabs

· 1 x USB-C Charger

· 1 x Carrying case


· Puffco Peak Pro looks incredibly good.

· The device has upgraded features compared to previous models.

· The water bowl capacity has increased, which has improved the vapor quality.

· The smartphone application is very convenient and fun to use.

· The battery life is adequate.


· It is very expensive.

· It would be better if there were more temperature controls.

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