The Future of Crime


I have heard about a cashless society for years. People have always warned of the government making cash obsolete so they can track all the financial transactions we make. This would help them collect more tax revenue with no one making under the table cash. Most people would be opposed to this idea of using only debit cards, credit cards, and other cashless payment options. But there is one positive and that is the fact that muggers would be less likely to rob you if no one was carrying around cash.

That wouldn’t stop all crime of course. Thugs would still be attacking others for other reasons, and you may still get robbed of your $400 pocketbook or $200 Jordans. A cashless society would only protect whatever actual money you still have that you haven’t used to purchase other products. TVs, cars, and other items not nailed down would still be up for grabs. The money you keep in digital form would be safe from physical world thieves. You would still have to worry about hackers and online crooks stealing your info to use for their own purchases.

This begs the question about the future of crime. Will most future crime be of the virtual variety? It makes sense on all levels if there were no more cash. By the way, most people use very little cash now. You can tell by the way folks will use a debit card to buy a bottle of Coke at a dollar store, which is pretty silly to me. Criminals wouldn’t bother to rob you on the street if they knew you possessed no cash. These crooks would probably evolve into online thieves since that would be easier anyway. They could rob folks from the comfort of their own homes! How convenient.

I don’t like the idea of a cashless society and it wouldn’t happen anyway. Regular folks would find a way around it with bartering and other forms of “money.” The only positive to taking actual dollars out of circulation is that it would take a lot of criminal activity out of play as well. You would think we, as allegedly intelligent beings, could solve the problem of thievery without drastic measures like doing away with physical money.

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Shane McLendon
Wannabe geek and FLOW Seeker