9 Great Nerdy Father’s Day Gifts

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With Mother’s Day in the books, now is the time to figure out what to give Dad for Father’s Day. Let’s face it. Most Dads already have many of the knick-knacks, gadgets, and bad ties that they’ll ever need. This year let’s get our Dads something that is a little different, unique, and something they’ll actually use in public.

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#1. Loot Crate. You can’t go wrong with this gift idea. Buy Dad a 1 month subscription, a 3 month subscription, or spend $215 and get him a whole year of good stuff. You might even be able to save 12% by using the code 12OFF. In return, he gets cool stuff that he probably doesn’t have already.

#2. Dollar Shave Club. Even if your Dad sports a hipster beard, he’s still going to need some razors that are F***ing great, right? If Dad sports the full neckbeard, then show him how much you love him with a supply of peppermint butt wipes. He’s too old to be leaving streaks in his underwear anyway.

#3. A Millennium Falcon Bass. With a 3 month waiting list, this crazy cool gift won’t be there in time for Father’s Day. When Dad sees how awesome this gift happens to be, you’ll be forgiven. You’ve got $800 lying around in the couch somewhere, right?

#4. KLUTCHClub. If your Dad loves to take care of himself, then this is the gift option for him. Each box gives him at least $50 worth of stuff and it won’t cost that much to give it to him, so everyone wins.

#5. Tacklegrab. If you decided to take up fishing with Dad because you didn’t want people to think you were weird for drinking beer at 6am, then this is the gift to give. As an added bonus, it’s just $5 per month, so you can be cheap too without making it seem like you are.

#6. HOLHO. Turn your smartphone into a hologram machine. That’s really all that needs to be said about this one.

#7. Ace Mas Fantasy Sword. Dad won’t be able to kick evil’s butt with this sword, but it will look awesome on the wall. Did we mention that there is an engraved blood groove in the blade? Nice.

#8. Mantry. If you’ve got some cash to spend on Dad and he’s a foodie, then giving him this subscription gift will put you into his good graces. Each box contains hand-crafted food items that are full-sized so Dad can get his eating groove on. It’s $225 for a 3 month subscription, but it won’t get you into trouble like the Lego Strip Club set will with Mom.

#9. Nerd Block. If you don’t like the idea of Dad being surprised with Loot Crate and stuff he doesn’t like, then Nerd Block is a fully worthy alternative. Outside of the classic subscription, Dad can be given comics, arcade stuff, or even horror stuff if zombies are his thing. Nerd Block Jr. gives boys and girls the chance to have some fun too.

Bonus: Rapier Sword

If your dad is peak-level geeky, he’ll be ecstatic to get a rapier sword for a gift. (Even non-geeky dads love swords.) Although not a real sword, a high-quality rapier sword looks and feels like it. Sure, your dad won’t be able to use it to have epic duels, but he can sure show it off to the lads on their weekly beer nights.

Get dad something extraordinary this year instead of something boring and dull. These are just a few of the gifts filled with awesome nerdiness that are available this year. What are you planning on giving your nerdy Dad this year?

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