The Fastest Way To Download Youtube Videos Is Simpler Than You Think

There are countless reasons someone might need to download a youtube video from the site. They might be putting together a project for class, a presentation at work, preparing to travel without an internet connection, or you might be a school teacher looking for resources to share with your students. Regardless of the reason, downloading videos from youtube is often a battle not easily won. However, there is a way to quickly and simply download any video you could want from the site. The key is to use the right software. For this, we recommend VideoDuke, a video downloader for Mac that even includes an MP4 to MP3 converter.

Simple Mode Makes It Easy

One of the best components of simple mode is it is not limited only to youtube videos. You can also pull the video from sites like Vimeo and Dailymotion. The software works so well you can also download content from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter directly to your mac. You can even select the file type and resolution that will work best for you and whatever project you are working on.

How Simple Mode Works

Simple mode is as effortless to use as the name implies. Just follow these four steps and you are on your way.

  • Just copy the video URL and paste it into the VideoDuke search tab.
  • Click “Search” and the video will appear in the Video tab once it has been rendered.
  • Now click “Download” and your video will automatically download to your VideoDuke default Downloads folder.
  • You can change where your Mac video download is saved by going to Preferences > Save downloaded files to.

VideoDuke Is The Perfect Match For Your Mac

VideoDuke, video downloader, was created to work seamlessly with Mac IOS. It provides support for top video websites like Tumblr and even Twitch. Because it was made for Mac, the user experience is incredibly friendly. There are many tools that make using the software a breeze. For instance, there is a built-in search tool to help you find the required video.

In addition, there is also:

  • Browser Mode: Look for videos via the in-built search directly in the downloader window.
  • Quick Access: Open YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion in the main app window.
  • Bookmark: Access your favorite websites quickly from the bookmark panel.
  • Check your downloads: VideoDuke stores downloading history to be viewed at any time.
  • Browser integration: Integrate VideoDuke to your browser by adding a bookmark button.
  • Two-mode performance: Use Simple or Advanced mode for instant or more profound downloads managing.

You Can Even Download Movies And TV With VideoDuke

There is nothing worse than traveling somewhere you are unfamiliar with and not having access to the internet or streaming services. Now with VideoDuke you don’t have to worry. You can download any movie or TV show you want from the internet to your Mac. While other programs may also be able to help you with this process, only VideoDuke offers a wide selection of formats and range in quality. In fact, you can also watch these videos on your iPhone or iPad.

Music? No Problem

Something many people don’t think about is what it is like to travel or hike somewhere where you don’t have internet access and can’t listen to your favorite songs. If you use VideoDuke, it’s something you never have to worry about since the software can easily download music from the internet.

  • Download MP3 Files: VideoDuke’s Advanced mode lets you see all the resources available to download on the page (for example, Bandcamp) – and it’s easy to download them to your Mac.
  • Convert Video to Audio: If you don’t need to download video from website like YouTube and you just want the audio track, go to the “Audio” tab in the VideoDuke interface to quickly and easily save MP3 audio files from YouTube.
  • Extract Audio from Video: In Advanced mode, VideoDuke displays all the items for downloading on the page. Open your favorite YouTube video to easily extract the audio from it.
  • Best Music Downloader: Due to VideoDuke’s excellent ability to download both videos and music, we are proud to list it amongst the best prime modern music downloaders

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