The Continued Rise Of VR Gaming

VR technology

The beauty of technology is that frequently enough it makes giant leaps forward instead of incremental progress. Video games have evolved greatly over the last two decades, but many players feel that another major breakthrough is due. Developers have tried to extract the most from the existing technologies, but the emergence of new, disruptive ones, challenges them to think outside the box. Virtual Reality is still in its infant stages, but it is already clear that this technology represents the future of video games.

The Gaming Industry Embraces Virtual Reality

VR has many applications, but the most obvious one is entertainment, something that video game developers fully understand. We already have a couple of games using it, but because the technology is still new, these titles leave a lot to be desired. The good news is that things are moving in the right direction and the latest Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR headsets are getting better. Players enjoy the ultimate gaming experience, as they are fully immersed in virtual reality.

The tech is also used by social media giants such as Facebook to engage the audience, in conjunction with superior voice recognition. Mobile users have already started to notice the advantages and mobile gamers are in for many more pleasant surprises. Samsung’s Gear VR headset uses the smartphone as a conduit, so people don’t have to spend more on accessories and additional devices. By comparison, Oculus Rift who are currently the industry leaders provide ever better devices to those who want to explore the world in VR. The latest video games are expected to roll out in 2019 and pick up the pace in 2020 and beyond.

Online Casino Games Lead the Way

Video game developers have the expertise, resources, and motivation to produce state-of-the-art games using virtual reality. Meanwhile, online gambling operators such as Play UK Casino and poker rooms are using it to provide an alternative way of enjoying some of the most popular games. The upsides are self-evident since virtual reality is easy to use to create more immersive slots, video pokers, and table games. Perfectly suited for the small displays of mobile devices, these virtual reality games sweep players off their feet.

Unlike traditional video games which are expensive to produce and spent a lot of time in development, their casino counterparts are cheap and easy to develop. That’s why players can expect an avalanche of games using virtual reality to be released over a short period of time. Furthermore, online casinos allow players to bet virtual currency and enjoy all the games in demo mode. There is no obvious reason for why slots, table games and video pokers using VR technology will be any different.

The Golden Age of virtual reality games is upon us and it is only a matter of time until this form of entertainment will become mainstream. The rise of VR gaming has begun and we can already see great things on the horizon.

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