The Blockchain Revolution Of Online Gaming

Online gaming has revolutionized since its introduction in the 1970s but it gained popularity with the advancement of the Internet. Now, the gaming industry has blossomed as the most profitable entertainment industry around the world. Another generation of games came forth with the evolution of mobile phones and integrated well with modern culture.

Early Years of Gaming

The first ever game introduced was Nim, an ancient mathematical game which was placed at the World Fair in New York in 1940. After approximately three decades another game was released by Ralph Baer called the “Brown Box”. Brown Box was a circuit with the vacuum tube technology that connected to a TV set. The users could control cubes on the screen that chased each other. It could also be programmed to play different games such as ping pong, four-sport games, and checkers. A light gun was later introduced for playing shooting games.

Arcade Gaming

Atari developed home-based games as well as arcade game which set a standard for the gaming community on a large scale. They sold its first game Pong and then the arcade machines were kept in public places such as shopping malls, bars, and bowling alleys in the world. This paved way for the development of video games by other companies for the gaming market.

Origin Of Multiplayer Gaming

A multitude of restaurants installed video games during the late 1970s with the purpose of capitalizing with the games. The multiplayer games like pussy888 offered the gamers to record their high scores with their initials, then compete with other gamers to beat their scores and have their initials at the top because during this time the gaming was restricted to players engaging on the same screen.

Players could compete on different screens in 1973 when “Empire” was released which was capable of supporting up to 8 players. During this period of time, games were popular only among the young generations.

The Reality Of Home Based Gaming

With the invention of the first microprocessor by Intel, it paved way for the creation of a variety of games including Gunfight. Along with the aforementioned game, a new style of gaming was also introduced which used a joystick for controlling movement and another for shooting in a particular direction.

As the home and arcade games blossomed, the gaming community developed alongside it. A set of magazines were published solely on gaming which created a community of gamers. Also, a channel was formed by which the gamers could communicate with one another.

Designing Games For PCs

The personal computers invented had powerful processors and could withstand complex games. It offered game developers to create games using BASIC. Even Bill Gates created a game just to inspire other individuals to create their own games using integrated BASIC. The early personal computers had the means for multiplayer gaming which is considered as a milestone in the evolution of gaming but users complained that it slowed down the game.

Later, the LAN networks and then the Internet came into being and opened doors for better multiplayer gaming. This allowed users to compete and interact with other players from different PCs. This improved the concept of gaming considerably.

Introduction To Online Gaming

The advancement of ‘online gaming’ took place when the Internet was placed in the public domain in 1993. Sega, Nintendo, and Atari made numerous attempts to step foot into online gaming but it didn’t take off due to the slow Internet. The release of the Dreamcast, a console system by Sega made advances in online gaming. But it was a huge failure. At the same time, it paved way for other console systems such as the Xbox.

Runescape was released in 2001 which allowed millions of gamers to play, compete and interact on one platform. The game included the chat function which enabled players to communicate with other players while playing the game.

Modern Era Of Gaming

Now, the Internet is commonplace and the computer processor has improved a great deal that new games are being released on a daily basis. Online stores including the Wii shop and Xbox marketplace have changed the buying of games, updating software and much more. Any decent blockchain game development company uses multiple aspects of blockchain technology to enhance player experiences.

Every set of games, consoles, and graphics used is much better than the previous generation of games. Technology has enabled to use the game as a source of shared activity.

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology is changing the world considerably and it has expanded to the gaming industry. The blockchain technology provides safer and secure storage, reduces fraud, introduces parallel gaming environments, lowers the cost of processing of payment, and takes education to the next level with gaming.

Safe and Secure Storage:

The encrypted ledgers will improve the security of the gaming items significantly as it will put a stop to the hackers holding ransom a gamer’s virtual items. The hackers would not be able to make a living by exploiting flaws in games.

The Environment Of Parallel Gaming:

The gamers would be able to use characters and gaming items of one game into another. This is possible by verifying the data by smart contracts and then copyrighting the data with blockchain. This is the same as characters and virtual items belong to the gamer and not the developer in online gaming.

Reduction In Revenue To Fraud:

The blockchain technology could completely eradicate the problem of lost revenue to fraud. This could save billions of dollars annually for the gaming industry.

Education Through Games:

Pigzbe is a piggy wallet that aims for children to save money while playing games in order for them to know the basics of economics. Blockchain has revolutionized educational games with adding Wollo tokens that is responsible for running Pigzebe as well as other wallets including Bitcoin and XRP.

Processing Of Payment:

The technology will allow users to make payments without involving credit companies. Hence, it will lower the cost of processing of payment. Also, the threat of scammers will lower as no one would be able to steal the information of payment.

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