The 5 Best Desktop PC Rentals For Your Business

Laptops, tablets, and smartphones have been dominating the tech world for quite some time now, but there are still many tasks that require the power of a desktop computer. Desktop computers offer superior ergonomics and comfort, and they typically age better than most modern laptops.

The type of desktop computer that you want depends on how much computing power you need, what kind of media you need, what kind of programs you need to run, and how much you can spend. Computer rental in Australia is simple and can offer you greater flexibility to suit your specific equipment needs, at a much lower initial cost investment. If you’ve already decided to enter the world of computer rental, you may be wondering which model is best for your business.

The Best Desktop Computers to Rent Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Who is it for?: The Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is the ideal desktop computer for digital artists and other creative content producers.

Pros: This version is better than its predecessor in almost every way. Microsoft included significant improvements to overall performance, an incredible screen display (with higher contrast ratio and increased brightness), and new features to facilitate design and drafting work.

Cons: This device was made for a very specific audience, so it is not the best pick for all businesses. While it offers the best display options, the CPU isn’t as great as the price would have you believe.

Apple iMac Pro

Who is it for?: For creatives, professionals, or just fans of Mac products, this may be your ultimate all-in-one business computer.

Pros: This version contains high-end components, a very slim design, and incredible computing power. It provides unmatched speed for users who need their projects completed quickly and impressively. Most users are also extremely pleased with the new Space Grey color scheme.

Cons: This one comes with a heavy price tag. While the cost is certainly warranted for what it offers, this level of power may not be necessary for most users. Make sure you know what you need before buying this one. Many users have also had difficulty with the mouse and keyboard.

Apple iMac (27-inch)

Who is it for?: This is another great offering from Apple, and is appropriate for most business professionals.

Pros: This product includes improved power and performance, with upgraded CPUs and a ninth-generation Core i9 model. The 27” 5k retina display offers unparalleled color accuracy for computers of this class and includes new Vega-architecture graphics.

Cons: This was not a great improvement for the overall design. It does feel a bit dated and does not offer many screen adjustments options or touch screen capability. The standard configuration is a little expensive given that it has no dedicated DisplayPort outputs and a relatively small storage capacity.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M720q Tiny

Who is it for?: Lenovo has long been a go-to choice for business users. The ThinkCentreM720q Tiny upholds this reputation for those with basic computing needs.

Pros: As is common in the Lenovo “Think” brand, there are a lot of configuration options that help you customize the device for your particular needs. It is affordable for most users and could be a cost-efficient rental for daily business needs. The small size and quiet processer make it a great choice for small offices as well. Great warranty and security features for businesses.

Cons: The accessories leave much to be desired, and upgrading them adds to the price tag. The options for upgrades are very limited after purchase, and most users will want to upgrade from the base model.

HP Z8 G4 Workstation

Who is it for?: This is another excellent computer for daily business use in a variety of markets.

Pros: Small size, low cost, and good performance make this a well-rounded option for most users. It contains a powerful Intel® Xeon processor and makes room for several upgrades. The high end of the configuration is incredibly powerful.

Cons: It may be more computer than many users need, but it offers different cost and configuration options. The external power brick is bulky and the simple design is forgettable.

These days it seems that there is a computer out there for every need! While it may seem natural to supply your office with the most affordable equipment, do yourself a favor and find the most useful equipment instead. Computer rental companies can provide specialized PCs just for your needs, with the flexibility to grow with your business over time.

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