Even Better Than the Real Thing: The Benefits Of Artificial Grass

Most homeowners think that when it comes to a beautiful lawn, real is better. Not only have they become used to the time-consuming labor and care that comes with real grass, but they may also not even be aware of the benefits that come with finding an alternative.

Whether you own a home, business, or school, whether the lawn is for indoor or outdoor use, knowing the benefits of artificial grass is just as essential as knowing the unique installation and maintenance procedures that it comes with. Artificial Grass South Africa is devoted to providing this expertise in installation and maintenance, as well as a diverse array of artificial grasses designed to suit any individual or business looking to get rid of the hassle of real grass and find an alternative that looks (and feels) even better than the real thing.

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Any sudden change in the weather can affect a real lawn, no matter where you are. There’s the dreaded snow mold that crusts over the grass and turns it grey when the lawn gets trapped under the snow for too long. Or if you live in warmer areas, you may be more familiar with summer patches, those brown, jagged bare patches that form all over the lawn in areas of high heat and humidity.

Not only are these common lawn diseases detrimental to the health of your lawn, but they make it ugly to look at and uncomfortable to sit on. You could easily find yourself stuck with a lawn that comes with all of the work of maintaining it and none of the benefits.

There are many factors that homeowners can’t account for when buying a house expecting to get a beautiful lawn: even just a lawn that’s overly shaded or of poor soil quality can lose its grass in one bad season. For most people, the time and expense required to fix it is out of the question. The result is often getting stuck with a lawn that’s patchy, coarse, and ugly.

Artificial grass will never be affected by the weather or soil conditions this way. With the proper maintenance plan, artificial grass can last for years looking just as beautiful as when it was bought. That’s why finding the right artificial grass supplier is so important: it requires knowledge and experience of how to clean and repair artificial grass to keep it looking new and natural.

While artificial grass offers a low-maintenance and visually appealing alternative to natural lawns, ensuring your home environment is also pest-free can further enhance your enjoyment and safety. For those facing bed bug concerns, Columbus’s trusted bed bug exterminator provides expert services to ensure your home remains as carefree as your lawn.


It’s doubtful that any home or business owner is fully aware of the annual expense of owning and maintaining a real lawn. Beyond the physical maintenance that goes into repairing seasonal damage and diseases, real lawns need to be watered constantly to keep them looking healthy, which is one of the heftier expenses.

They often fall victim to weeds and insect pests that not only ruin a lawn’s appearance but can be dangerous for small children and pets as well. The fertilizers and pesticides needed to keep the grass growing and the bugs away can also be costly, time-consuming, and dangerous.

All of these expenses and responsibilities are exponentially worse if you own more than a home: businesses, schools, and sports facilities experience the same problems on a huge scale. According to the Synthetic Turf Council, the average sports field can use up to a million gallons of water a year. The expenses that come with watering real grass, not to mention the additional costs of pest control and fertilization, can become completely unmanageable over time.

This doesn’t mean that only sports facilities benefit from artificial grass: its benefits can be seen even on the smallest level. Sitting on the lawn with your kids without worrying about poisonous chemicals is one of the basic pleasures of an artificial lawn, the upkeep of which will never require dangerous substances or wasted water. You don’t need to pollute your air with noise and gas from conventional lawnmowers, either: an artificial lawn comes with the benefit of staying the same all year round. It doesn’t matter if you want to make your lawn more Waterwise or just give your family a beautiful place to play. The benefits are the same.


Perhaps all these benefits really come down to one thing: saving time. There are overlaps in advantages between the costs and health benefits of no longer needing to buy chemicals or worrying about pests and diseases, conserving water and reducing pollution in general, but the real target benefit here is giving you more time to spend on the things you should be doing, whether that’s working or playing with your family.

Spending weekends mowing, trimming, watering, and fertilizing may have become the norm, but it doesn’t have to be. The real irony of having a lawn in the first place is that it requires so much work to maintain that it’s difficult to find time to enjoy it.

Artificial grass provides an easy solution to the time-honored toil of trying to keep a real lawn looking new and healthy. It doesn’t matter if you intend it for indoor or outdoor use, for your home, school, or business: at the end of the day, the money and time you save is better spent elsewhere. The right artificial grass and the right installation and maintenance plan can make owning a lawn easier than it’s ever been.

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