The 5 Best Cheap Printers You Can Buy Today

Afinia 3D Printer

In 2005, I ran down to the local Office Depot because there was an amazing deal on the new Canon Pixma printer. It had photo quality printing that would let me create stunning presentations for my job at the time. I remember being amazed at the deal I was about to get at the time: $429.

Keep Calm and Print

Today another Canon Pixma sits on my desk. I picked it up last year during a Black Friday sale for a much cheaper price: $29. With today’s printing technology, you don’t have to interrupt your Thanksgiving dinner to go shopping at your local retailer to get a great deal. There are some cheap printers that you buy today for the price of a dinner at a nice restaurant for your family, but even new printing technology can be found for a surprisingly good price today.

If you need a good, reliable printer, here are your best options.

#1. Canon PIXMA MG2520

Canon Pixma Cheap Printer

What is really nice about this cheap printer is its quiet mode. You can run it at 4am while you’re getting some extra work done at home and no one wakes up. It prints up to 4800×600 dpi in color [the black is 600×600 dpi], so the quality is reasonably good too. It prints about 4 pages per minute at maximum, so it isn’t going to be ultra fast. For most home uses, however, this printer will give you some photo quality images and document printing at a pretty amazing price. Price: $35

#2: HP Deskjet 1010

HP 1010 Cheap Printer

With up to 20 pages per minute of capacity, this affordable HP model really kicks your production into high gear when you need it the most. It is compatible with high capacity ink cartridges, so it is the perfect cheap printer for those papers you’ve got to write, the novel you need to submit to an agent in hard copy form, or all of those flyers you’re sending out about your holiday party. The color printing is realistic without the grainy pixelation of other cheap printers and it runs straight out of the box for you. But if you are in the area you can always get service from printer rental Bloemfontein Price: $30

#3. Brother HL2270DW

Brother HL2270DW Cheap Printer

This is the perfect computer if you’re running a small business from your home. It’s also great for teachers or homes with multiple kids who need to print out their homework assignments. It’s a laser printer, but one of the best priced on the market today, and offers 27 pages per minute of capacity. There are also built-in interfaces for ethernet and wireless functioning as well. It prints with up to a 2400 x 600 dpi resolution. You’ll have toner costs with this cheap printer, but if you need high capacity on a budget, you can’t beat this option. Price: $139

#4. Epson WorkForce WF2540

Epson WorkForce Cheap Printer

This is one of the best solutions for when you need a wireless printer that will scan, copy, and fax. It prints with a 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi print resolution and 9 pages per minute for text so you can still work rather quickly. The scanner creates images up to 2400 dpi if you need them that big and you can scan directly into a .PDF file for added convenience. There an ethernet connection as well and with the right setup, you can print from your tablet or smartphone if you wish. Price: $79

#5: Afinia H480 3D Printer

Afinia 3D Printer

Although you’ll pay a lot more for this printer, it is a relatively cheap 3D printer that takes up a low footprint. You just feed the spools plastic filament into the printer, use the modeling software on your preferred operating system, and begin printing. It’s about as close to plug and play as you’re going to get right now. It also uses auto leveling technology to make sure you don’t get the uneven prints that some other 3D printers can provide. Price $1,299

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