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Technology is amazing but it can be annoying as hell sometimes

The proliferation of dynamically changing technology and smart devices like smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way we connect to the world and communicate with each another. It has become the foundation of a mobile lifestyle. Although the evolution of smart technology is progressing day by day, but thanks to hardware manufacturers and platform engineers who are unveiling more of its potential is in the hands of application creators.

  1. Captchas need to be removed permanently

Captchas are a nuisance. Sure, their purpose is to make sure that spambots and such don’t attack websites but with the advancement of technology, these bots keep becoming more intelligent and figure out ways to bypass these Captchas which causes companies to make even more difficult Captchas which are hard to decipher even for the human user and this in turn makes websites extremely hard to browse.

  1. Common chargers for devices
photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Nowadays almost every single person has multiple devices in his/her possession and it’s a rare sight that all of these are charged up at the same time because of all the different charger types there are. It should be a law that every single electronic device has a standard micro-USB port in it so that it may be charged easily without any hassles

  1. Software updates should only update
binary code

It can be a huge pain when you’re installing software updates and during the installation they manage to slip in a 3rd party application into your system during the installation. It should be a well understood thing by now that update processes are not a way for third parties to get their apps installed.

  1. Printer ink should have advisory labels

It’s a little known fact that the most expensive money we spend on is actually printer ink. If you actually do the math on prices it calculates up to $8,000 for a gallon which is obscene so from now on every printer advertisement should include ink cartridge costs so people know what they’re getting into before they spend a huge amount of money on those ink cartridges.

Hope you liked this article on Home Affordable Printers, by the way.

  1. No long ads before video content

It’s ridiculous how sometimes you’re about to watch like 20 second video but before that you’re greeted with an annoying 40 second advertisement for something you don’t even care about and then you have to sit through that long advertisement just so you can watch the 20 second video you actually came in for. Advertisements like these should be permanently removed.

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