Square Enix Kicks Off The Opening Ceremony With Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Gamers have been anxiously anticipating the release of Square Enix’s most recent game from the world famous franchise Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy XV is a change from the past for Square Enix. The franchise gained and maintained it’s audience with it’s revolutionary turn based battle system for over 14 different Final Fantasy titles but Final Fantasy XV broke all the old rules by making the game open world opposed to the old RPG format.

This exciting change to game play has been an ignition source for a franchise many thought would someday soon, be a fantasy of the past. But Square Enix is not slowing down. They have announced an Anniversary event for the franchise to begin January 31st at the Toho Cinemas in Ropponig Hilld, Tokyo, Japan. This is just the first of several Final Fantasy events the company has planned for the year.

Celebrating a 30 year anniversary is a big deal and Square Enix knows it. They have announced the Opening Ceremony will only have room for a limited number of attendees. At this time it looks like only 200 special guests will be permitted into the Ceremony. So you are probably better off playing betfred mobile, than trying to get a pass to the event. The event is expected have speeches from those who have worked on the franchise for the last three decades.

The event taking place on January 31, also coincides with the release of Final Fantasy VII, which  came out 20 years ago.  With all the hype surrounding the new battle system integrated in to Final Fantasy XV there is much speculation that the released version of Final Fantasy 7 will also be in the open world format. This would be a revolutionary change for gamers who have fallen in love with the story and characters portrayed in a much forgotten game.

However, until the Opening Ceremony event takes place at the end of January we will not know for sure the changes that we can expect to see with the rerelease of Final Fantasy XII. With the continued success of the most recent Final Fantasy release I believe we can expect to see the franchise swarmed with new cash for more games and products from a beloved Japanese gaming company.

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