Solid Selection: 5 Tips for Picking a Reputable Removalist Company

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Moving house can be an incredibly exciting time as you start a new chapter in a new home. But it can also be quite stressful and overwhelming trying to get everything packed up and moved safely. To help you find the perfect removalist for your upcoming move, here are 5 tips for picking a reputable removalist company that you can trust to safely transport all your belongings to your new home:

Read Reviews

One of the best ways to gauge the quality and reliability of a removalist company is to see what past customers have to say. Search for online reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, and ProductReview.

Look for removalists with consistently positive feedback and high ratings over a long period. This indicates they provide good service and have happy customers. However, pay attention to any negative reviews as well to get a balanced view.

Get Quotes From Different Removalists

Compare quotes from removalists who are licensed and insured to make sure that you get the best deal. Be wary of quotes that seem too cheap—high-quality service often comes at a price.

However, also look out for reasonable prices, as the most expensive quote doesn’t necessarily mean the best service. Make sure to compare what’s included in the quote—some removalists quote low and then charge extra for things like stairs and furniture packing. 

Ask About Their Process

A professional removalist should have a clear process in place for every move. For example, they should offer to come inspect your home and possessions first to provide an accurate quote and timeline.

They should make it easy by helping you plan the optimal move timeline, clearly explaining what they will and won’t pack and move, offering packing supplies if needed, and providing guidance on how to best prepare your furniture and belongings.

Overall, having a standardized, proven system for executing moves shows experience and reliability.

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Look for Licenses and Insurance

You should only consider using a licensed removalist company that also has appropriate insurance, including liability cover and goods in transit insurance. At a minimum, they should have a standard carrier’s cargo insurance policy that covers your items while in transit.

Additionally, look for comprehensive general liability insurance to cover any injuries or property damage that may occur. This protects you financially in case of any unfortunate damages, accidents, or mishaps during packing, loading, or transportation.

To verify that they are properly licensed and insured, ask them to see copies of their relevant licenses, certificates of insurance, and policy documents before committing.

Trust Your Instincts

Pay attention to how responsive and interested the removalist is in providing a customized service when you interact with them during the quoting process.

Look for one that seems organized, engaged, and intent on delivering an exceptional service. On the other hand, if the removalist seems vague or disinterested in helping you, it could be a red flag for poor service down the line.

Most importantly, trust your instincts—if a company doesn’t feel like a good fit after your initial interactions, it likely isn’t. Don’t be afraid to get quotes from multiple companies until you find one that you feel comfortable with.

Make a Wise Choice

Choosing the right removalist takes research and care. Following these tips will help you find an experienced, reliable company to handle your precious belongings with care. With a reputable removalist hired, you can look forward to a smooth, stress-free moving experience.

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