Checklist You Must Have Before Moving

As much as daunting it may seem, moving needs to be organized in a certain way. Read on to find competent Interstate Removalists in Adelaide who can aid your transition.

Get moving quotes from professionals

To get a quotation, contact at least three moving firms. If you are moving interstate, make sure to inform the movers prior to getting an estimate. To prevent unpleasant surprises, insist on an in-person examination or a video assessment of your possessions before the movers like Interstate Removalists Adelaide give you an estimate. Also, inquire as to whether the estimate is a non-binding, binding, or binding not-to-exceed estimate. 

Place an order for all moving supplies

If you’re relocating your entire home, now is the time to order all your moving materials. These supplies, which range from boxes and bubble wrap to tape and packing paper, will guarantee that your things reach securely at your new home.

Plan out your packing procedures

Make a packing schedule before you start packing your belongings. All non-essentials should be packed first. These include books, home décor items, and gadgets that you won’t need in the weeks leading to the relocation. 

The most important items should be packed last. Kitchenware, tableware, clothes, toiletries, and any other things you’ll need in the days leading up to the relocation with companies like Interstate Removalists Adelaide. 

The day prior

  • Pack suitcases and other essentials 

Make sure to pack all of your essential luggage the day before you move. These should include pyjamas, toiletries, clothes, shoes, medicines, pet and infant needs, as well as any critical papers or valuables for the first week. 

Consider putting trash bags, light bulbs, scissors, tools, flashlights, paper towels, toilet paper, and bed linens in a separate “Moving Day” box. 

  • Inform Your Neighbors About Your Move

If you reside in an HOA community or share a driveway with other neighbours, make sure they know you’re moving. This is not only courteous, but it will also allow them plenty of time to relocate their vehicles.

  • For a tip, you may get money

Tipping movers for a job well done is a lovely gesture. If you intend to tip your movers, collect cash early so you can tip them on moving day.

The day of the move

Make a route for yourself. Ensure the individuals assisting you with the relocation can safely transport the boxes from your home to the moving truck.

Examine the papers. If you hired movers, be sure you get formal documentation from them to confirm that they are who they say they are and that all of the specifics of your move are as you expected. Don’t fall victim to a relocation scam.

  • Furniture being moved by movers

Make yourself accessible to help with the loading process. Stay to help your movers with any questions they may have. If you need to leave while they work, be sure to give your contact information and new address.

Place an order for pizza (or buy doughnuts). The greatest thing you can do for people assisting you with the relocation is to have everything ready when they arrive. Feeding them as they assist is the second greatest thing you can do.

Sign the inventory list provided by the movers. Make sure you get a copy of the movers’ formal inventory from them. This is crucial if anything “disappears” during transportation, and you need to submit a claim.

Carry out a last walk-through. This is your final opportunity to double-check that you haven’t forgotten anything and that the location is clean. You’re not coming back.

Don’t forget to tip your movers. Tipping your movers is usual. We suggest 15–20 per cent of your total cost for big movers, and for minor moves, 5–10 per cent.

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