Should You Turn Your Gaming Hobby Into A Career?

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Now that gaming has exploded into this industry worth over a hundred billion dollars, more people see it from a serious perspective. Twenty years ago, it was thought of as a mere form of entertainment. Some even labeled it to be a waste of time, but look how far video games have come!  

These days, more people realize just how lucrative the gaming industry is. And, being so fresh and new, it’s easy to imagine all the kinds of careers there are and will be. Before, it was utterly impossible to imagine that you can make money just by playing video games. But, nowadays, becoming a professional video game streamer, gamer, or reviewer is now achievable. There are also large markets for buying and selling in-game items or entire accounts. Games like Diablo 2, Skyrim, WoW, and more offer the opportunity to gain items in-game and sell them for real-world money. Looking to buy d2r items, or items from other games? There are sites dedicated to getting you what you want. In the future, there will certainly be even more types of careers that you can do by gaming.  

Since you’re here, you’re probably interested in making gaming a profession. And, here are some things you should know about taking that career route:

The Market Is Huge 

As technology improves, so does the video game industry. This is because there are more possibilities when it comes to what video game developers can achieve. One of the biggest breakthroughs that gamers are anticipating is virtual reality. And, once it becomes more popular and better developed, it will be a huge trend online.  

And, this is only one project that the entire video game industry is working on. There are more games, consoles, and developments to look forward to. And, all of these new trends will be a gold mine for any video game career.  

It Just Keeps Growing 

A team of teenage gamers plays in a multiplayer video game on pc in a gaming club.

If you think it’s thriving now, you should think about the possibilities in the future. For a better perspective, the video game industry is expected to be worth US$300 billion in 2025. And, as it grows, you’ll have enough time to build a gaming career.  

Just take a look at how many new platforms there are for gaming. If you look online, you can create content on different social media platforms, applications, or websites. As for content creators, there’s a wide variety of niches. Some content creators are even young children playing video games for fun!  So, if that tells you anything, it’s that it’s possible, especially with more people becoming interested in video games.  

You Can Have Different Choices 

Most of the people who have careers in video gaming started with gaming as a hobby. It’s similar to career choices where your passion for certain topics and activities can be taken to the next level. For example, it’s entirely acceptable for someone who loves to bake to start a business or become a professional baker. Who’s to say that passion for video games can’t become a legitimate source of income? 

Sure, getting inspiration from popular gamers like NightBlue 3 is somewhat understandable. But at least be realistic.

There are so many career choices you can dedicate yourself to. Doing a bit of research can help you understand what these different career choices are and what you need to do to succeed. To help you out, here are some of the jobs related to the video game industry:

  • Professional gamer 
  • Video game live streamer 
  • Video game content creator 
  • Video game journalist 
  • Video game podcaster 
  • Video game coach 
  • eSports star 
  • Game tester 
  • Animator 
  • Audio engineer 
  • Game writer 
  • Video game designer 
  • Programmer 
  • Developer 

Remember, there are more video game career choices available. And, as the industry grows, you can expect even more ways to make money through your video game hobby. 

There Are Risks 

It’s still important to know that there are risks to choosing to go on this career path. Just like any career journey, there are difficulties to expect. Because of how popular the video game industry is, many people are getting into it, making it more saturated by the minute. Because of how saturated it is, the pay might be low, especially when you’re starting.  

But, if you do have the expertise and qualifications, you can work your way up to a better-paying career. You’ll probably have to start with a smaller company. But, if you stick to your goal and work up the ladder, you can surely land a job with a more prominent company. Just like any job, you’ll have to work hard and get to where you want to be!  

For content creating, live streaming, podcasting, and similar career opportunities, you’ll also need to be prepared for how saturated the industry is. There are many other content creators in this niche, and you’ll need to stand out to get a bigger audience. This way, you can get sponsors to support this chosen career.

It’s Important To Be Realistic 

You’ll also need to be realistic with your goals if you want to work in this industry. If you’re going to become a professional gamer, you’ll need to improve your gaming skills. Anyone looking to be a game programmer has to take classes and know their way around video game programming. Whatever career choice you have, you need to take the necessary steps to be qualified for the job.

Gaming Is Always Going To Be Popular 

But, the great thing about these career choices is that video gaming is always going to be popular. Some games might fall back and lose their popularity, but that’s what makes it so exciting. Video gaming is all about picking up on new games, consoles, technology, and trends. That’s what the audience and the market rely on. Careers in video games are never dull, so you can constantly be challenged and entertained.  


The video game industry is a rapidly expanding market, which means more and more work opportunities for professionals and enthusiasts alike. To get your career going, you’ll need to start now and always keep learning about the new trends. But, like any job, it’s essential to take it seriously, work hard, and keep your passion for gaming alive.  

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