Bingo’s Switch To Younger Audiences: What Influenced The Switch?

A decade ago, if we asked you to picture the average bingo player, you’d almost certainly have gone with what people often refer to, affectionately we might add, as the ‘Blue Rinse Brigade’. Yes, we are of course talking about elderly pensioners who still can’t seem to get enough of this fantastic game we’ve enjoyed for so long.

However, whereas your average bingo hall visitor is likely a pensioner, more and more youngsters are also now enjoying bingo as well. Does this mean that they’re heading down to their local bingo hall and are socialising with Ethyl and Doris on a Wednesday evening? No, because online bingo is now very much a thing.

Online bingo has been instrumental in enticing younger bingo players over to the exciting world of bingo, but how? Well, that’s what we’re going to be trying to get to the bottom of today.

Here’s a look at bingo’s switch to younger audiences and a look at why more younger people are now enjoying the game as well.

Online bingo

Without a doubt, the biggest influence when it came to bingo’s popularity amongst the younger generation was online bingo.

Because such a huge percentage of those aged 35 and below owned a smartphone or tablet, when bingo jumped online this meant that more and more people could now play bingo from anywhere, at any time, with sites like 888ladies offering mobile apps for their users.

No longer did you need to visit your local WMC or bingo hall to enjoy a game, now all you had to do was pull out your phone or tablet and you were good to go.

Its reputation

When we were younger, bingo was seen as a game exclusively enjoyed by the elderly. Therefore, if you enjoyed the game, you were considered “boring” and old before your time.

When bingo made the jump online, though, and started to be enjoyed by the younger generation, it became more socially acceptable to enjoy it.

Social media

Staying with the socially acceptable theme, because it was considered acceptable, and dare we say, cool, to enjoy a game of bingo, people started to play on social media, and they began sharing their progress.

Many online bingo sites allowed you to share progress and invite friends on social media, and it just took off from there.

Getting with the times

Nowadays, you find that there are more online bingo sites than ever before, all with different themes and layouts.

Head onto an online bingo site and now you’ll find the site complete with an uber modern layout and theme.

Then of course, there’s Bongo’s Bingo, that is perhaps best described as being a hybrid of a night club, a rave, a bar, and a bingo hall, all rolled into one.

The bingo enjoyed by younger generations may have the same rules as the bingo enjoyed by the seaside by pensioners, but that is where the similarities end.

Now, bingo is a lot more modern and as a result it is enticing in more younger players.

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