Reasons Why 2021 Will Be A Great Year For Gamers

In 2020 the whole world suffered from a severe outbreak, the Coronavirus all over the globe. There were panic situations all around and for most of the people, it was the worst year. But now you will be thinking that why we said ‘’for most t of the people’’ not ‘’for all people’’? It was not a terrible year for most of the people, some enjoyed this year 2020 a lot, experiencing new games and tech. We can say that it was the best year for game players all over the world.

Further in this article we will reveal why it 2020 was good and why 2021 will be even better.

New consoles and controllers were released in the market. 2020

The gaming industry is excessively big and there is versatile equipment for the players to enjoy their gameplay as much as they can. 2020 was quite a depressing year for everyone and people were in search of some activity and fun. And this fun was provided by Sony and Microsoft companies to the game players. The consoles and the controllers of Sony and Microsoft are famous worldwide. The reason behind it is that they are of very supreme quality and are the same according to the demands of the gamers.

We can say that these companies act wisely and launched many amazing and wonderful consoles and controllers for the game players. These enabled them to enjoy the games in a real way. Much improved gameplay, high-quality graphics, and incredible sound system equipment were launched just to attract the game players. These upcoming PS5 titles are in the league too.

Many new videogames. 2020 / 2021

It would be long list if we make of all the games that were launched in 2020 but we will write about some of the very incredible games, which get fame in this year 2020. These are, Halo Infinite, Animal Crossing; New horizon, Doom Eternal, Half-Life Alyx, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Cyberpunk 2077, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and many more.  

So, this was a very surprising aspect for the whole gamer community and very thrilling too. All these games were in competition with each other all the time. And we must say that these games were meant to be hit the boxes in 2020 and they did it very well. All these games were of top quality regarding the animations, soundtracks, graphics, and all the aspects. These classic SEGA games are on the top of the list. 

Full streaming of games.  2021

If we say correct for the game streaming, then it is pretty a crazy and loveable thing for the gamers. Google stadia has been playing a great role in this concern. Google stadia was launched in the gaming market in 2019 and people were thinking that it would not come out that much good. But fortunately, it worked remarkably for the gamers. Although it has many issues and problems, it did not cause any big problem to the gamers, so it was a hit in the gamer’s community. Might possible that it would come up with improved functioning capacity in near future. Also, Microsoft and the xCloud have something big to reveal for the gamers.

The Elevate Esports. 2020 / 2021

Earlier, there was no importance of esports and it was considered that they do not have anything to do in the gaming industry. But luckily 2020 was a great year for esports. People developed their interest in esports and many new esport games were released in the market for esports lovers. The developers worked on too many aspects and their hard work turned into success in 2020.

Final verdict

In a nutshell, it is not a piece of the argument now that 2020 was a wonderful year for the gamers. In this year they experienced many new games, gaming equipment like unique consoles and controllers, live game streaming, and many more thrilling and fuller of exciting stuff. There are now many more games ready to come in the market, get ready to enjoy these marvelous games just sharpen up your hands for more fun.

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