Is A WOW Raid Boost A Good Investment?

The question of whether or not a WOW raid boost is a good investment is sparking huge debates all around the world. This is because of various different reasons, although most of the conversation revolves around the price tag.

We can safely say that buying a WOW raid boost is not cheap. This service does cost more than what most gamers can afford and it is normal to be like that because the booster does spend a lot of time and uses his advanced skills to help.

Is a WOW raid boost a good investment? Let’s think about both sides to see if we can reach a conclusion.

Reasons Why The Investment Is Justified

For starters, the boost allows you to put your hands on mythic gear much faster than without using it. In fact, most people will never get gear at the maximum level because of how hard it is to get it. With the use of the boost, you can actually get the gear so this is an instant huge advantage that has to be taken into account.

Another thing that has to be taken into account is the time it takes to learn how to finish a raid and to actually do it. If you are not a member of a really good guild that often organizes raids, it can take months until you can finish the top raids in the game. With the paid service, it is a guarantee that every single attempt is a successful one.

Reasons Why The Investment Is Not Justified

One of the main reasons that some people mention when it comes to why raid boosts are not a good idea in the game is that players put their hands on very good gear that they did not earn. They basically end up with top-level gear that they cannot use to a full effect simply because of the fact that they did not put in the effort to learn how to use their skills in an appropriate way. This is particularly damaging in a PVP environment.

The other obvious thing we need to highlight is related to the price. The fact that many of the players with the mythical gear paid for it mean a difference ends up slowly appearing between those that can spend a lot of money on WOW and those that cannot. While it is hard to believe that this will lead to serious problems in the future, it is something to take into account.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, whether or not WOW raid boosts are a good investment is a matter of subjective analysis. Some people will see this option as a very bad one for the game while others will see it as a way to save time and be able to enjoy the game faster. This cannot be denied and there is no reason why we should blame those that can afford to pay for WOW raid boosts. Since we are talking about a paid service and Blizzard did not officially label it as being against the rules, it will keep on existing.

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