Readability Saving My Sanity


I know everyone hates pop ups that interrupt them from reading a great article or viewing a cool video, but I’m not sure anyone despises them as much as me. Lately it seems like the amount of interruptions from pop ups has gotten worse on major websites. From ads to requests to join email newsletters, I can hardly consume the material I am interested in without getting so irritated that I simply leave the annoying website altogether.

Thankfully I have a go-to application that saves my sanity when this problem gets to be too much to handle. Readability does something very simple yet so helpful. It cleans up a webpage so I can read without any clutter or pop ups getting in the way. I know websites have to generate money with ads and getting me on an email list makes it more likely that I will eventually spend money with the website owner. But when the website becomes unbearable to look at or simply impossible to navigate, then I have no choice but bounce. Readability lets me get the material I want without worrying about ads or requests popping up just when I am getting to the meat of a story.

Make no mistake, Readability has more features than just the ability to be able to actually read a clean page of text. Even though that is mainly what I use it for, it is a bookmark of sorts. You can just click the “read later” button to save an article for when you have time to focus on it. This is great for busy times when you only have time to check out headlines. You can simply go back later to your “reading list” to dive into all the articles when you have some free time for reading.

Readability also has “recommended” section for times when you need some help finding posts you would like. I’ve not used this feature of the website a ton. I like what I like and really don’t have time for too much extra influence on topics I might want to read up on. You may find the “recommended” section more useful than me.

If you find yourself frustrated as you are bombarded by pop ups, email list requests, and even a website’s cluttered appearance, just try Readability. I think you will find your online reads more enjoyable and efficient. Some of the simplest services online are the most helpful and Readability happens to fit that description.

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Shane McLendon
Wannabe geek and FLOW Seeker