How to Play EA Sports Cricket Game on PC [Full Guide]

How to Play EA Sports Cricket

An innovative idea by EA SPORTS Century kyboard control scheme, batting has turned out to be additional spontaneous, reactive and cost-effective than always. For the very first time in a very cricket game, players will relish full management over foot alternative, shot, direction, power along with timing, all ruled through the employment of each digital control by keyboard. A back or front foot stroke is chosen with the up or down arrow keys, and then shot timing is judged. Allied to new cameras that deliver additional natural behind-the-stumps batting perspective and a wider readership of the sector, cricket has never been as simply and as accessible. With embellished game play, a number of tournaments, with interactive comments and new statements from Mark Saint Nicholas and Richie Benaud, you won’t expertise cricket this authentic while not getting into whites and walking down the marquee steps yourself. You can get the game from EA Sports Cricket Official Site

EA Sports Cricket 2007b

The PC Instructions:

If you play this game, You are surely going to like it the way it is presented by the EA Sports. You can download the game or buy it from the store with some bucks to spare. You should go for the PC version that can be played on all the operating systems on a PC with 768 pixel compatibility. That will provide you an HD look that is associated with this game.

Instructions to Play the Game on PC:

The game provides you an interactive feature and game playing techniques. They have made playing cricket simple very simple compared to the real cricket on the fields. On the fields you have to judge the shot manually and then play in such a way that you hit the ball with correct timing and power or you are out but here you know where the ball is going to fall as it shows the bounce point and you have to chose your shot by pressing some keys on the keyboard. Here are the instructions:

General Settings

  • First you ought to create a profile as soon as you install the game on your PC
  • The profile is saved in the ‘My Cricket’ option
  • You can adjust the difficulty in the game at what you want to play.
  • Then you can choose the game ‘Overs’ to be played from the options. They are 10, 20 or 50 overs
  • You can go to the fielding section to select automated fielding or the semi auto fielding. Both have a different set of playing ways.
  • The game provides you three options- you can play a ‘Quick Game’ or a ‘Tournament’ a one day match or a test match you can select any.

Different Playing Ways

  • You have to select a team and when you start the match you have to do this, when you see the bounce point you have to just think what shot you have to play or you have to leave the ball.
  • To play the ball you need to S, D or W key. S is for back foot defense, D is front foot defense, W is also back foot defense but for the balls that bounce to your chest height
  • If you want to go for shots that bring runs for you use the D key with arrows for drives, leg glance, and deep crease drives these can bring you single doubles and fours
  • For a lofted drives press ‘Shift’ and the direction with your arrow keys the ball will go soaring in the sky for a four an if it is a good shot out of the ground for a six
  • If you press the arrow key with S key it will be a stand and deliver the shot
  • Pressing Shift+S+arrow keys will bring you a stand and deliver a shot for six
  • Two simple rules for Bowlers– choose the keys out of the options you get on the right side of your screen by pressing the corresponding key and press arrow keys in the direction you want to move the ball into. Look for the speed of the ball on the right left side. It must not cross the green bar or it shall be a no ball.

Just follow these simple instructions and you would feel like playing the game with the same excitement as in the fields. Enjoy cricket.

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