3 Best Ways to Download Mp3 Music From MySpace

Myspace (formerly represented as MySpace as well as My_____) is a societal networking service with a sturdy music stress owned by the Specific Media LLC and pop music songster and artist Justin Timberlake. Myspace was launched in August 2003 and with its headquarters in Beverly Hills, California. In June 2012, Myspace already had 25 million exclusive U.S. Visitors.

Top 3 Online Tools to Download Music From MySpace

Myspace was established in 2003 and was bought by News Corporation in the year July 2005 for $580 million. From 2005 until early in 2008, Myspace was the mainly visited social networking website on the planet and in June 2006 outdid Google as the highest visited site in the US. In April 2008, Myspace was overhauled by Facebook in the figure of exclusive universal visitors, and was overtaken in the amount of unique visitors from the USA. In May 2009, although Myspace produced $800 million throughout the 2008 economic year.

MySpace has a noteworthy stress on pop culture and music and shaped a gaming platform which launched the achievements of Zynga and Rock You, amid others. The site in addition began the drift by making exclusive URLs for corporations and artists.

Downloading Music from Myspace

Myspace has got a number of celebrity pages and blogs. Most of them are vocalists and songsters. As you open a singer’s page you’ll get the songs playing on the page. You would like a tool to download a song from the page in MP3 format. Here are some simple steps and tools to download the song in mp3 format.

1. Grabthatfile.com

This website is easy to work with. You just need to go to this website and login. To login you must either have a Facebook account or a twitter account. It uses either of the accounts to get you logged into the website.

You have to do the following to grab a file through this website:

1. Go to grabthafile.com

2. GetLog in using your Facebook or twitter account

3. After login got to the particular artist’s song list

4. You want to download a song right click on the particular song

5. Click on copy the link option

6. Paste it in the grab that file box in another tab

7. Press download or grab

8. It will start the downloading

And you’re done

2. File2HD.com

You can also follow these steps  to rip music from MySpace, let start with instructions

1. First of all visit File2HD.com

2. After that you will get the option to add a URL, simply add the url of video of which you want to rip music.

3. After that choose the desired filter for the song, you can select “audio” filter.

4. Now click on get files option.

5. Now you will get all the files , related to your url, simply right click on the URL to save the file.

6. If you recognize the song go ahead. But, if the file type is something other than MP3, click on the convert box. And select to MP3 on the next age.

7. Once the song is started downloading and finished, you can grab the mp3 file from Users/Documents/Music folder.

Note: Don’t forget to buy the subscription from “Premium File2HD” and payment will be processed via PayPal. It will cost around ($1.91 and $11.50) per month.

Suggestion: You can also get a free invitation code just by keeping eye on File2HD twitter account where they regularly share free invite codes

3. Buy Through MySpace

1. First of all search for the song using the search engine at the top of the site by typing song or band name. It will be great if you add the exact title.

2. Now in result page select the “music“tab. You will find that in third place on the list out of Myspace, People, music, videos, photos, games, and web

3. Now choose “iTunes or Amazon” to download the song. It will cost around $1.29 and $0.99.

4. Once you select download mode, it will redirect you to iTunes or Amazon page

  • For iTunes: Now select View in iTunes and it will launch the program to download file straight to your computer hard disk. All you need to do is   “$1.29 Buy.” and your download will start in no second.
  • For Amazon: It’s very simple all you need to do is select “Buy MP3 Song with 1-Click.”After that sign to your Amazon account and your song will downloaded to your system.

So these are the 3 ways to rip music from MySpace, which I find to be the best for now. But if you feel there is something which I missed, why don’t you use the comment section to share your opinion with me.

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11 Responses

  1. Nicole says:

    I have tried these software without success… I would recommend using third party software like Wondershare Audio Recorder or Cinch Audio Recorder to perform this task.
    One can try out the demo before purchasing this software too. The audio quality from Cinch Audio Recorder is just wonderful.

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  3. heather says:

    hey everyone, i am trying to get songs from my brothers profile on myspace and i dont know how to do so, i want to download them to my computer, can anyone please help me out

  4. Michael Skewes says:

    my space wont give me my own songs back! I tried asking and they said buy it back ,Fuck You myspace,your old news holding peoples music hostage!

  5. tågluffa i europa says:

    oh well, American Dad iis a nice tv series. my sixteen year old daughter just loves wwtching it,.

  6. Dylan says:

    Grabthatfile IS free it just requires you log in with facebook or twitter. You get 3 downloads free a day, just make sure you wait long enough. After you click the “grab” button the download will be ready in about 30 seconds

  7. manigordo says:

    I remember when you could directly fetch the mp3s from code. I guess this is more of a testament of the epic failure that M$ has become. Nowadays you even have to login in order to casually listen a lame song from an even more crappier ‘artist’. You’re simply way better off posting any shit on YouLube; for which btw are dime a dozen truly free and working dl sites, addons, plugins and apps anyways… So bottomline, don’t use M$; it’s not only vdead and aids ridden, but there are superior SNs and ways to publicize your work anyhow.

  8. minions paradise cheats says:

    After the hack has finished, which should solely take about
    30 seconds, open the app in your system like normal.

  9. mr stans says:

    Ripping from a website has nothing to do with purchasing a track, you have 2 “ways”. and i am not paying for a service to rip a file either. if you dont have anything useful to contribute, dont write anything. and for a website called “nerd’s magazine” id expect instructions on how to capture the data w/o an automated tool if you dont have a reliable automated tool, not this worse than useless post

  10. Ms.Nichols says:

    both of the two top sites don’t work and took my money… i wouldnt suggest you tell ppl to use their services.

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