New Nokian Tyres Test Center

French tire manufacturer Nokian Tyres introduces its new state of art test track in Spain. This is reported on the Auto Revista website.

The site is located in Santa Cruz de la Zarza. The tire manufacturers have invested 60 million EUR in the project. This is where Nokian will test tires for all brands and models on the market. It is also noted that the project involves not only the creation of a testing ground but also a complete technological center for the development of new tires.

Nokian Tyres’ new test center enables year-round product development and testing, especially of the company’s high-performance all-season tires. Read about Nokian summer and all-season tires. 

Nokian Tyres demonstrated its new tire testing center in Spain on February 18 during a virtual event. It has invested 73 million USD in the test center. It will include all of the manufacturer’s efforts to develop all-season tires and will also provide the opportunity to test tires designed specifically for the North American market, including Nokian’s growing range of all-season and winter tires.

The announcement follows the tire maker’s release of Nokian Tyres One, its new all-season tire for cars and SUVs.

Presenter Joanna Kuwaja began her presentation with CEO Jukki Moisio, who said that the company’s decision to invest in a test facility in Spain depended on the importance of year-round product development and testing, especially of high-performance all-season tires. The new state-of-the-art facility with versatile test facilities and state-of-the-art equipment complements Nokian’s testing centers in Ivalo (aka White Hell) and Nokia, Finland.

Moisio also said that the new test center, a continuation of Nokian’s investment in innovation, will enable the company to build for the future, welcome customers and partners, and ultimately sell more tires.

The 300-hectare test center is located south of Madrid in Santa Cruz de la Zarza. According to the company, the facility, with 10 test tracks, is “an excellent place for Nokian Tyres to test products in an environment that simulates many parts of North America.” The plant can test about 20,000 tires a year, as does the company’s test center in Ivalo, Finland.

“Continuing Nokian’s ‘journey to a safer world,’ the Spanish test center embodies its commitment to safety, environmental friendliness, and sustainability,” Moisio continued. “It’s part of our DNA and heritage, we are a very sustainable company. It’s an important part of our ‘brand identity.’ The tracks are the most up-to-date … best in the world, and we’re very proud of that. We think it’s going to be a big success,” he added.

The center includes over 4.5 miles of oval track that wraps around the area. The track, which has a 41.3-degree incline, allows for testing at speeds up to 300 kilometers per hour. The other part of the facility will be used to test various tire characteristics, including wet and dry handling, braking and aquaplaning, noise, and wet grip.

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