Car Hacks That Save Time And Money

If saving time and money via a few easy vehicle hacks sounds like a good idea, here are some ideas to get you started. Some you can do yourself, but some call for the help of a mechanic. The result is a car that lasts longer, a lower fuel bill, and catching problems before they reach the critical level.

Use Fresh Fuel

Like vegetables, cheese, and meat, gasoline eventually goes bad and becomes unsafe to use. How long does it last? Standard, regular gasoline typically has a use-by range of between three and six months. However, diesel fuel can stay good for almost an entire year before it begins to decay. And, if your vehicle uses ethanol, you’re looking at a fuel lifespan of between one and three months. Remember to review a guide on the lifespan of gasoline so you’ll know all the important details about the safe usage periods for your vehicle’s fuel. If you don’t drive often, it’s important to keep track of how old the fuel in the tank is.

Tire Wizardry

You can do three simple things that will give you a mileage boost and make your car’s tires last longer. First, keep air pressure at the manual-recommended level by checking it once per week. If you drive a lot, check it twice each week. Have a mechanic rotate the tires at least once every six months. Have the expert do a balancing job as well. These three things, the first of which you can do yourself, cost little and can add to mileage. More important, they will help protect your suspension system and shock absorbers.

Finding Your Car

People don’t believe this trick until they try it. It works. If you have a key fob with unlock and/or sound alarm buttons, you’re in luck. Next time you find yourself wandering around a massive parking lot looking for your vehicle, the alarm and unlock buttons might not work because you’re out of range. The trick is to put the fob against the skin of your forehead and press one of the two buttons. Your body serves to extend the electrical range of the fob, so you might hear a distant alarm, which will likely be your car.

The Extra-Virgin Hack

Want the interior of your ride to look sparkling new? Place two or three drops of extra-virgin olive oil on a soft rag. Use extra-virgin because it won’t give off an odor as it slowly begins to dry. Wipe down the dash and any hard-plastic surfaces. Don’t do the steering wheel though, because it might become too slick.

Winter Wonders

If you live in a cold place and don’t have a garage, park your car with the windshield facing toward the east. At sunrise, the warm rays will help melt any icy buildup on the glass. Even if there’s still ice, it will be easier to remove it than if the car had been parked in the opposite direction. Another option is to use a car cover that ties underneath to avoid coming undone in the wind.

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