Movavi Video Editor Review

Are you interested in tweaking your videos but feel that you don’t have the experience required to do so? Generally video editing is thought of as a complicated endeavor that involves a lot of technical know-how and takes a long time to master. While that may be true in many cases, it largely boils down to the editor that you’re using – and that is what will make Movavi Video Editor an interesting prospect.

User Experience First

To put it simply, Movavi Video Editor is designed to put the user experience first. Every aspect of its user interface, controls and features are engineered to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible so that they do not require extensive experience (or any at all, for that matter).

The user interface in Movavi Video Editor is clean, and all of its features are neatly organized in tabs and sections that make them easy to locate. In many cases applying the features is equally straightforward, and often you’ll just have to click a button, check the right box, or perform other familiar actions such as dragging and dropping elements in place, resizing windows, or adjusting sliders.

As a result of this approach, you will be able to start using Movavi Video Editor and figure out how to apply its features by merely experimenting with them. If you’re willing to spend a minute or two on each feature, you will be able to familiarize yourself with how they work and be able to apply them to your videos.

Extensive Features

Although Movavi Video Editor does emphasize the user experience, it doesn’t sacrifice its editing chops in the process. In fact as you start to explore its features odds are you’ll be happily surprised to see just how extensive they truly are.

Some of the more notable features that are part of Movavi Video Editor include its ability to:

· Cut videos into segments and trim out any unwanted footage.

· Merge video clips together and arrange the sequence that they appear in.

· Improve the video quality by manually adjusting the color settings or automatically doing so with a single click.

· Fix common issues that could affect the video’s quality such as blurry, shaky, or interlaced video segments.

· Apply a range of varied special effects and filters to alter the visual style and atmosphere of the video.

· Add text fields that can be customized or animated to create unique captions, titles, watermarks or subtitles.

· Insert audio tracks to add background music or a voiceover and edit the audio tracks by normalizing it, removing noise, or applying special audio effects.

· Easily save videos in any format or by using the hundreds of built-in presets to automatically optimize the video format and settings for a specific device or platform.

As you can see Movavi Video Editor will be able to help you to edit your video so that it conforms to any vision you in mind for it – regardless of how complex it may be. The fact that it will make it easy for you to perform these edits is what makes it such an appealing Windows video editor however. All in all if you have ever wanted to edit videos but felt that your skills weren’t up to the task – you could change all of that by giving it a try.

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