Monosov Leonid Anatolievich: Business Career

Monosov Leonid Anatolievich

Monosov Leonid Anatolievich, whom we are going to talk about, was born on March 2, 1958, in Mozyr, Gomel region. Later, his family moved to Moscow, where he graduated from School No. 315.


Already at that time, Leonid started striving for personal growth. After graduating from the institute in 1980, he started his career. His first job, to which he devoted 19 years, gave him his professional start. Leonid Anatolievich Monosov has repeatedly mentioned that by working on important, large-scale projects, he could present his theoretical knowledge and prove his choice of career.

He recalls this period as follows: “It was a huge experience for a beginner. There were over 72,000 famous specialists from all over the country.” Sometimes Leonid Monosov jokingly says, “I vividly remember my first salary of 150 rubles. It was very important for me and my family.”

The rise of Leonid Monosov’s career

Further, in the biography of Leonid Anatolievich, there is rapid career growth: in a short period of time, with his direct participation, many significant projects have been implemented. The next task was to erect a lot of ultramodern and high-tech facilities for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. “When I was given this project, I realized we must do it so that the whole world can remember and note the professionalism of the team.”

After the construction of Olympic facilities, Leonid Monosov shifted his field of activities to real estate investment. Investment’s efficiency requires a comprehensive approach, an understanding of industry specifics as well as the ability to calculate all possible risks before entering the project.

When people ask Leonid Anatolievich about his successes, he answers succinctly: “I am grateful to every company we have had mutual relations with. They invested in me, and I invested all of myself in them.”

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Of course, the huge experience of complex and often unique projects helped him form his own business rules. Here are a few of them: Develop strategy; Recruit a team of like-minded people; Assess risks; Be open to changes; Be here and now.

All these rules sound like motivational slogans, but Leonid Monosov says, “The true success of a company depends on people. Our task is to find those who can do what others consider impossible.”

Many business and investment achievements depend not only on a multi-stage calculation but also on the involvement of each employee. Many companies follow the concept of “vision of the company”, their value to society. Leonid Atanolievich achieved such success due to these concepts too.

In conclusion about Leonid Monosov

At the end of this article, it should be again mentioned that Leonid Anatolievich Monosov is a strong and purposeful person who was able to realize his potential despite all the difficulties encountered on his way. His achievements show how he acts and what decisions he makes when running and building a business.

He strived for personal growth so that he developed his strategic planning skills and built resilience in the face of uncertainty. Leonid Anatolievich Monosov always follows all these rules, thanks to which he was able to realize his own unique strategy, which allowed him to achieve impressive results.

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