Minus Manual Work – Apps That Will Reduce Double Handling In Your Workplace

In any workplace, there is likely to be a multitude of tasks that are inefficient and probably include some form of double-handling. Whether we are aware of it or not, it happens and can cost businesses more than just time. Instead of accepting it as a long-held process or something that has always been done, it’s time to do something about it.

Technology and applications have come a long way. If you experience double-handling in your workplace, consider rectifying the problem through the aid of innovative apps.

Manual Spreadsheets

When you hear the words ‘double-handling’, one of the first things that come to mind is transposing written documents into a digital format. One of the most popular uses of this process is staff rostering and scheduling. Instead of manually entering start times and staff names into a spreadsheet, try using a specifically designed app to get your time back.

Great solutions like Deputy’s employee scheduling app not only remove double-handling, but they offer a myriad of additional benefits. From assigning tasks, tracking clock-in and clock-out times to automating future rosters, apps like this can change for the better the way you operate entirely.


For a small business owner or even a large business, invoicing can be a big source of double-handling. Whether you are taking handwritten job notes and creating invoices or you are relying on the notes of another employee to generate one, you are double-handling. Plain and simple.

Instead of losing time writing the same things over and over again, choose a invoice templates to do the heavy lifting for you. These apps allow you to create shortcuts for the types of work conducted, customer profiles and standard costings. Generating an invoice is as easy as selecting the pre-defined categories and sending the invoice to the client.

Workflow apps

Double-handling doesn’t always have to be a physical document or set of data, it can be the spoken word as well. Think about all the times you have had to communicate with multiple people in your workplace with the same message. Repeating yourself or typing that email countless times over and over again is not only a waste of time, but it is also double-handling.

Instead, try utilizing communication apps designed to improve collaborations. Designed in the mold of an online co-working space, these workflow apps allow you to communicate one message with a group of people at the same time in specifically designed channels. Beyond communication, you can also create and complete tasks and align on small and large projects.

Regular marketing

If you are operating a business that is required to communicate or likes to communicate with a regular set of customers frequently, then manually creating mailing lists or typing in emails can be a big waste of time. Try implementing a mailing assistant app to shortcut the process for you.

These apps are great for creating customizable mailing lists, email templates and even gives you access to reporting and analytics. Apps like these are great for putting the effort in upfront and then allowing the software to take over. They are great for regular communications like marketing emails, notifications of sales or even stock limitations.

Technology is a great way to take the pressure off the people in your workplace and create a smoother set of processes for getting things done. Apps are a great way to streamline tasks and help avoid the wastage of double handling. Whether it rostering, marketing communications or creating a collaborative workspace, apps are a great way to make your workplace more efficient.

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