10 Best Super Bowl 2018 Movie and TV Trailers

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in the world, even though its audience is predominantly North American. For the rest of the world, it is a gala of celebration and performances, which more importantly brings new trailers of highly anticipated movies and TV shows. At Super Bowl 52, these were all the kickass trailers and promos released during the evening:

10. A Quiet Place

Let’s kick off things with a horror movie. A Quiet Place, directed by John Krasinski (Jim from The Office and Emily Blunt’s husband) and stars himself and Blunt as a couple protecting their kids. From whom? Monsters that use sound to attack. Looks pretty creepy with a premise that can unsettle you out of your wits.

9. Skyscraper

Dwayne Johnson has been on a roll. After the successful Jumanji movie and the upcoming video game –inspired Rampage, here is he yet again, this time in a film called ‘Skyscraper’. Oh yes, it does involve scary vertigo angles and high jumps that can make you queasy.

8. Castle Rock


Anything by Stephen King and be sure that we will lap it up eagerly (horror only, no The Dark Tower kind please). Castle Rock, a horror web series that intertwines many stories of King, will debut on Hulu. The Super Bowl teaser shows off its intriguing cast, like Jane Levy from Don’t Breathe, Sissy Spacek from the iconic Carrie, and Bill Skarsgård from IT.

7. The Cloverfield Paradox

One of the craziest parts of the evening was the jaw-dropping announcement from Netflix regarding the third Cloverfield movie. Not only did they have the movie but they stated it would premier right after the game. An audacious move, considering not even a poster had been released for it. In case you are still wondering, this movie is ALREADY OUT on Netflix. Go watch!

6. Mission Impossible: Fallout

Tom Cruise had a bad start for The Dark Universe franchise with the absolutely disastrous The Mummy, and a new Mission Impossible movie looks like a perfect way for the veteran actor to return to form. An MI movie is always a good money spinner, but will the Fallout feature death-defying stunts and incredible action sequences that have been the highlight of every movie? The trailer looks okay, but there might be more to come.

5. Tom Clancy’s: Jack Ryan

Amazon has mostly lagged behind Netflix in terms of blockbuster TV shows, but things seem set to change with Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, in which the titular character is played by John Krasinski. Explosions, running, and a lot of hectic action- this might just be the breakout Amazon has been waiting for.

4. Westworld Season 2


Westworld Season 1 was absolutely phenomenal and the second season is likely to be as intriguing as ever, with its concepts of metaphysics, existentiality and morality cocooned in a delightful maelstrom of primeval emotions and violence. This show carries huge expectations for HBO, which perceives it as a successor for Game of Thrones.

3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Let’s admit that the first trailer for Fallen Kingdom did not quite sit well with us. Though dinosaurs do mean adventure and action, the original Jurassic Park stands out for its menacingly creepy scenes that forebode a sense of terror and doom. The new trailer delivers well on that.

2. Solo: A Star Wars Story

Are too many Star Wars movies a good thing? Its legion of fans will agree while others could argue for the opposite. The Han Solo story, however, looks pretty great and has a stellar cast including Woody Harrelson and Donald Glover. Certainly going to be worth our money and time.

1. Avengers: Infinity Wars               

Some years back, I took a pledge to not watch any trailers of a superhero movie, because they almost always reveal some exciting twist, thus spoiling the experience on the big screen. Avengers: Infinity Wars is going to be a massive blockbuster of 2018, maybe the biggest one, and its spectacular cast (there is literally every major character from all Marvel movies) makes it worth taking a peep at this new Super Bowl trailer. Enjoy!

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