MacX DVD Ripper Pro Is The Key Downsizing Your Living Room

Downsizing seems to be all the craze right now. From families abandoning their comfortable neighborhoods to live in tiny homes to athletes shedding bulky workout machines for more efficient exercises, everyone is trying to simplify their lives. While this may seem like a gratuitous task the truth is there are easy steps you can take to day to downsize your life, starting in the living room.

I look at my entertainment system and I see books, video game boxes and excessive amount of DVDs. What I want to see is more books and video games and less DVDs. In fact I never want to see my DVDs again. I want to be the kid from that LOVE show on Netflix and throw my DVDs out of a moving car. I just don’t want to be as sad, in ever sense of the word, as that kid.

If he was smart he would have done what I did before turning my DVDs in to Calder inspired mobiles and used MacX DVD ripper pro to easily transfer all my favorite movies to my laptop, iPhone and iPad.

I know what you may be thinking, “okay but I used Handbrake Mac in college to transfer my roommates movies and all it did was rip me a knew one.” Well I’m sorry to hear that. You wont have that problem with MacX DVD ripper. The Mac DVD ripper has the fastest ripping speed, widest DVD support and the richest outputs. So you can feel good about turning your DVDs into hipster beer Coasters. Ripping a DVD takes only five minutes and the software can even rip protect DVDs.

If the idea of downsizing your living room by transferring your DVDs to your Mac has inspired DVD related Halloween costumes such as, DVD Man, or Reflector Man, or even “The Human DVD,” than you are in luck. MacX DVD ripper supports video formats: MP4, H.264, MOV, M4V, QT, AVI, MPEG, FLV, MKV, M4V, MTS, M2TS,ISO image, etc. No matter the hipster format you have it will rip it. For real.

There is currently a Halloween special giveaway with discounts and exclusives. Talk about finally having incentive to downsize/ make that Reflector Man costume you are always going on about.

Now this is a limited time offer so claim it before November 9th. Don’t get caught up with Stranger Things season 2 and forget to make your “The Human DVD” costume. Downsize your living room. Use MacX DVD ripper pro to do it. A simpler life with easy access to all your favorite movies, tv, shows, children’s soccer games is at your finger tips.

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