Longshot Sports Bets Can Be Rewarding

It can be thrilling to place ambitious bets, especially if they are successful. Although the odds of winning are increasing exponentially, the reward is still there for those who are willing to take the chance.

Over the years, there have been some incredibly spectacular payouts for some bettors. Sports betting platforms like Betcris.com make it simple to wager on the longshots, providing all of the information and potential earnings in one place. Still, reaching the heights some previous bets have gone might be challenging.

Overcoming Incredible Odds

Mick Gibbs from Staffordshire, England made $550,000 in his biggest soccer bet win. It was amazing that he spent only $0.30 to make the bet, with odds of winning 1.6million to 1.

With a 15-fold accumulator, the prize had a 0.0000006% chance to win and included a large number outright wins and singles match wins during 2000 and 2001. It was one of the most unusual sports bets, and it is unlikely to make any profits. 

Gibbs correctly predicted all four English professional soccer leagues, UEFA and their winners. He also predicted the correct winners for the Cricket County Championship as well as the Rugby Union Premiership.

The bet was placed in May 2001 and required Bayern Munich to defeat Valencia in the Champions League final. After a draw of 1-1, Gibbs was able to win the bet by winning a marathon penalty shootout.

Gibbs won an unlikely bet several times before. Two years prior, he had won a huge $3 bet and pocketed $172,000 in the process.

Big Prizes in Soccer

Another English bettor in England placed the largest soccer bet on any single match. Most bettors turned away from the 5,000-to-1 odds offered by bookmakers for Leicester City. The city won the Premier League in 2015-16.

The team managed to pull off one of the greatest sporting upsets in sports history. The title was won by the team with one supporter. The bettor placed a $50 wager and won $79,000. He also cashed out. 

The fan should have waited. He could have won more than $250,000 if he had stayed with his bet for another week as the team advanced.

The $28,000 Soccer Goal

Shooting from a long distance was one of the many virtues possessed by the now-retired Xabi Alonso, a former soccer player for Real Sociedad, Liverpool and Real Madrid. Aware of this, a fan of the English team decided to bet about $200 with odds of 125 to 1 that he would score a goal from his own field in any match of the season.

Alonso didn’t disappoint. He pulled it off in an FA Cup match against Luton in the 93rd minute.

The Mechanics of Turning $11 into $16,246 

Ferran Aros was a car mechanic had the ability to turn a sports bet of around $11 into about $16,236. Through an online sports betting platform, he wagered on who would be the winning teams of the first and second halves of different soccer matches.

Aros tuned-up his sports betting technique before placing the wager. He used team information from the sportsbook and the newspaper to fire on all cylinders when it came time to bet. 

Running With the Tiger

A few years ago, golfer Tiger Woods went through a rather unstable streak, because even the world champion has had his off days. The odds went out of favor for him for a few years. However, a bettor named James Adducci didn’t give up. 

He insisted his wife play his first stake for this champion worth $85,000. This was during the 2019 Masters tournament, and Adducci won $1.2 million with the feat.

Flying With the Ravens

Sometimes those who are most involved in sports are also the biggest fans of betting, as is the case with Phil Mickelson. The famous American golf player has won several tournaments and is fond of sports betting. 

In the 2000/2001 NFL season, the enthusiastic bettor decided to gamble that the Baltimore Ravens would be the big winners of the Super Bowl. They didn’t have much chance of succeeding at the time; however, the miracle happened and the three-time Masters winner won $560,000.

Betting Tall

There are great sports stars who are dedicated to placing their bets and investing large amounts of money in them. This is the case of the popular NBA athlete of the nineties, Charles Barkley, who seems to be an expert in these practices. 

In one of his feats, he decided to bet half $500,000 that the New England Patriots would win the 2002 Super Bowl. Thanks to this impulse, he was lucky enough to win a total of $800,000.

Unexpected Combo

Combined or multiple bets are those in which different results are selected that count as a single bet. It is obvious that it is one of the riskiest disciplines and for which it is not convenient to risk it too much. 

On the other hand, sports betting beginners like Tayla Polia are usually the most daring for this type of practice. She showed the value in them when she decided to bet 15 NFL results for $5. Thanks to a little bit of luck, that turned into $105,000.

Scoring With Man U

There is an anonymous gambler out there who always seems to get away with it and has a great deal of devotion to the Manchester United team. In 1999, he decided, possibly with a bit of skepticism, to back his favorite club. He bet around $2.00 that Man U would win the Champions League. 

It did and he won. For his tiny investment in the team, he took home around $125,000.

Go Speed Racer

Sometimes, it’s the biggest fans who have the sharpest eye for capturing talent. This is what happened to a motorsports fan who attended a 10-year-old go-kart race in which a very young Lewis Hamilton participated. 

This man knew how to see the potential in racers. He bet that the boy would manage to win a Formula 1 championship before he was 25 years old. Thanks to this sixth sense, he earned about $125,000 several years later.

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