Livescribe Echo Smart Pen

Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen
Livescribe Echo Smart Pen

As someone who writes for a living, it’s a little difficult to take a massive laptop with you everywhere you go. Those Bluetooth keyboards are nice with a tablet in an emergency, but they aren’t conducive to real work. That’s why the Livescribe Echo Smartpen is such a great product. It records an interview, a lecture, or a speech, lets you record the stuff you write, and you can save all your notes and your audio that you’ve recorded to your computer.

It isn’t just the computer that benefits from this tech, however, because there are instant connections with OneNote, Evernote, and even Facebook for sharing. Tap a button to replay your audio and its even linked to your notes so that all you’ve got to do is tap your notes in a specific place and you’ll hear that part of the meeting. It’s a really, really handy tool.

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