Lightsaber Collecting on a Budget: Affordable Options for Star Wars Fans

dual-bladed lightsaber
Image by GooKingSword from Pixabay

For devoted Star Wars fans and Jedi enthusiasts, replica lightsabers are the ultimate collectible, and being able to wield one is the first step towards embracing the Force.

The world of replica lightsabers, however, is one that is very vast, with several different types, qualities, and models of the weapon. What this means is that not all replica lightsabers are the same. Some are standard with limited features, while others are high-end with advanced features. In most cases, what you get is what you pay for.

But should costs be the reason why you can’t show your love and dedication to our beloved franchise? Of course not.

If you’re ready to embark on the epic journey of lightsaber collecting, here are some budget-friendly options for you. Once you start adding these options to your array, you’ll find they’d make a fantastic addition to your Star Wars collection.

Start With a Beginner Lightsaber

If you’ve only just begun to build your lightsaber collection, it won’t make much sense for you to go over your budget by purchasing an expensive high-end lightsaber replica (no matter how cool and awesome it looks). Starting out with a beginner lightsaber is always a good idea. There is a wide range of lightsaber options tailored to beginners that offer a blend of durable construction, realistic sound effects, and stunning visuals that you would expect from a good-quality lightsaber. A standard replica of Luke Skywalker’s green lightsaber is a good place to start.

Buy Replica Lightsabers Online

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, most online lightsaber shops do not have to deal with the overhead costs associated with renting out retail storefronts, so their replica lightsabers are sold at significantly lower prices. Another great thing about buying replica lightsabers online is that there is a multitude of online vendors who specialise in selling lightsabers, so you get to shop around and compare prices (even discounts and coupons) before settling on replicas that are within your budget. Even unique and rare-edition sabers, like a Mace Windu lightsaber replica or a Count Dooku Lightsaber replica, can be found at these online stores for significantly lesser prices.

Buy From Other Collectors

One of the best things about the Star Wars franchise is its fan base, and within this fan base, there are other lightsaber collectors who might be looking to sell certain pieces from their collection. Buying from these collectors can be a way for you to get your hands on high-end replicas at lesser prices. You can mostly find other lightsaber collectors at conventions, Star Wars movie premieres, lightsaber dueling competitions, and fan meetups. When buying a replica lightsaber from another collector, make sure to carefully inspect the saber and confirm that it is in good condition before making a purchase.

Build Your Own Lightsabers

Another way to avoid breaking the bank with your replica lightsaber collection is to build some of the sabers yourself. Most of the components you’ll need can be gotten at local hardware stores or online. There are also several online tutorials you can follow to put the parts together.

Alternatively, you can attend a lightsaber customisation workshop where you will be guided on how to pick out and put together your saber’s components.

Asides from cutting costs, one major advantage of building your own lightsaber is that you get to add your own creative touch to the saber’s design and specifications.


As a lightsaber enthusiast looking to build a collection, price shouldn’t be what gets in the way of you showing your dedication to the beloved franchise. The above options provide a way for you to get your hands on quality replica lightsabers while staying within budget.

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