Learn With Practice Tests: Some Important Facts About New CCNA Certification And Its Cisco 200-301 Exam

February 24, 2020, has become an important date for the Cisco certification program. The company has introduced a lot of new tracks and withdrawn several old ones. The great thing is that this is for the better. The individuals can now earn the credentials that are in line with their career prospects and goals. If you’ve obtained an Exam-Labs.com before these crucial changes, you will agree that many bottlenecks are in place. This has prevented the experienced professionals from pursuing their certifications. However, the new paths have simplified this process, making it possible for any interested candidate to get a credential without much stress. It’s time to explore and see how this new program will benefit you as a specialist.

Highlights of New Cisco CCNA Certification and Its Exam

Unlike the old CCNA certification path, the candidates no longer need to take multiple exams to earn their credentials. Additionally, there are no various tracks under CCNA. The students should now pass one comprehensive test to obtain this associate-level certificate. This exam is 200-301: Cisco Certified Network Associate. It covers different fundamentals, including the latest technologies, software development skills, and job roles.

There is no prerequisite for taking this certification test. However, the vendor recommends that the students have one or more years of work experience with Cisco equipment and computer networking. Their understanding of network fundamentals and all the exam topics is also critical to success in Pass Cisco CCIE Enterprise Exams in First Attempt Easily. To help the candidates develop their skills and knowledge in the exam content, Cisco recommends its official course: Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA). By completing this training, they will get the proper badge as proof of their expertise. If you want to prepare for this test with great deliberation, you should also use other study materials, such as video tutorials, books and guides, exam dumps, practice tests, and so on. These resources will help you explore every detail related to Cisco 200-301.

Key Details of Cisco 200-301 CCNA EXAM

Cisco 200-301 is a comprehensive exam that leads to the attainment of the new CCNA certification. The test is made up of a maximum of 100 questions and the time allotted for its completion is 120 minutes. It covers a range of topics, including routing and switching, wireless networking, security, and some elements of programming concepts. To register for 200-301 CCNA, you are expected to go through Pearson VUE. You can take your exam in a proctored format or at one of the testing centers across the world. In addition, the candidates will be required to pay the fee of $300. This applies to a single delivery of the exam. If you don’t pass this Cisco test at the first attempt, you will have to pay another fee to retake it. You can find the details of the retake policy on the official website.

The details of the exam topics can also be found on the Cisco webpage. You must go through them before you take your test. In summary, the new modules for new 200-301 CCNP focus on six major objectives. Each domain has a list of subtopics and components that should be understood before attempting the exam. The highlights of these topics are as follows:

§ Network Fundamentals: routers, switches, IPv4 and IPv6, TCP and UPD, and cabling

§ IP Connectivity: OSPFv2 and IP routing

§ IP Services: NTP, QoS, SCHP, and SNMP

§ Security Fundamentals: wireless security, port security, and VPNs

§ Network Access: EtherChannel, trunking, and VLANs

§ Automation and Programmability: REST APIs, Chef, Puppet, SDN, and JSON

There are a couple of objectives that have been removed from the general CCNA exam content. These include switch stack, OSI model, VTP, Frame, EIGRP, RIPv2, OSPFv3, and Inter-VLAN routing. Other areas are as follows: WAN access, BGP, GRE, PPPoE, MLPPP, and PPP.


In the old certification program, CCNP was the next track after Exam-Labs Cisco. Currently, the applicants don’t require any associate-level certificate to move to the Professional level. This means that they can go ahead to pass the CCNP tests without taking the CCNA ones. However, they must have a good understanding of the CCNA exam topics to ensure their success in the professional-level path. As you can see, the new program is designed to simplify your certification process, so take advantage of it to change your life for the better. Good luck!

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