Kick-Powered Tech: Why the Scooter Should be Your New Hobby

It may not have flashy motors, complicated gears, or state of the art brakes, but the humble push street scooter is still powered by tech. If you’re young and interested in entry-level tech, then scooting could be your next big hobby (and the next one to get nerds exercise.) Here’s why.

In the 1990s, the Razor was all the rage. Not only was it at the pinnacle of non-motorized travel, but it was at the cutting edge of technology, too. It provided those looking for kick-powered convenience with enhanced steering, maneuverability and speed. Ever since, companies across the world have been trying to improve on this design (with varying degrees of success).

Now, we’ve reached the stage of evolution rather than revolution. As the old saying goes: “why try to reinvent the wheel?” However, this doesn’t mean technology is absent from boards and wheels, as much of the science behind them influences the way that you ride. Here are just some of the ways:

Changing Styles for Purposes – Different styles of scooter frame will suit different courses, speeds and tricks. By using technology smartly, you can get the edge by picking the perfect frame for the purpose.

Different Wheels for Feel and Speed – To the untrained eye, a wheel may just look like a wheel. However, different wheels of different sizes and thicknesses will affect grip and speed. As a result, you can use science and tech to your advantage to get an edge on your opponents and fellow riders. Simply look at the course, track or obstacles and pick the perfect wheels for the situation.

Add on Electric Options – If that’s not enough technology for you, then you can always add electricity. What better way is there of making something more technologically advanced than automating a machine and taking away the manual labour element? Advancements in technology now mean that you can travel at up to 10 mph and 13 miles on a single charge, too.

So, there we have it, the customization of a scooter can make all the difference. By chopping and changing your scooter, its wheels and accessories, you can tinker with all the technology behind it in order to find your perfect ride. With all of these parts available online in stores such as Proline, it won’t cost you the earth either. So, if you love tech and you’re looking for a new hobby, then make the scooter your vehicle of choice.

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