Keeping Up With The Cost Of Comic-Con

The unmissable San Francisco 2018 Comic-Con is around the corner. With badges for all 4 days costing over $200, to add to lodging, transport, food and the all-important costume, the average cost per Comic-con delegate is over $600, how can you afford the cost of Comic-Con?

Covering Costs

To all Comic-Con fans, it comes as no surprise that one attendee reports overhearing a comic book geek saying “Well there goes the mortgage payment this month.” Indeed, when even Batman artist David Hahn cannot always make ends meet, what options are there if you need to raise significant funds for the event of a comic-lover’s lifetime? Smaller purchases can be made using a credit card. Shop around for good value deals to ensure you pay as little as possible on your borrowing but also take note of when these deals end so you don’t suddenly suffer from a large interest rate increase. Or for larger purchases, a personal loan with affordable repayments is also an option.

Funding Comic-Con Exclusives

Many Comic-Con delegates are looking to purchase exclusive items. These can range in from any item with a Comic-Con sticker on it to exclusive artwork or unique, limited-run toys. Costs vary but can run into hundreds of dollars. To be able to afford that beloved exclusive, review all the collectibles you already own and sell some to finance more purchases. In fact, toy resellers make a business of this, purchasing exclusive Comic-Con toys to fund their collecting habit with the aim of making enough money to cover Comic-Con costs.

Comic-Con On A Budget

If you are really low on funds but still want the Comic-Con experience then standing outside the convention center without having to buy a badge is an amazing experience. Standing outside, you will see the costumes and get better photos without being cramped inside.

Many movies and TV networks are starting to display in the area outside the convention center and you will have access to more cost-effective food options. Panel discussions are on YouTube within a few minutes of taking place and collectibles are resold on eBay days after the event. And what about that all-important costume? Choose your outfit wisely and you can get away with spending just a few dollars on a homemade costume, instead of the thousands that some delegates spend.

Comic-Con is a must-see event, but the costs are high. Costs can be covered by credit card, selling collectibles or keeping costs down by avoiding badge costs. But however you do it, Comic-Con is well worth the effort.

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