JavaScript – The Source Of Life On Your Website

It is hard to imagine modern websites without JavaScript. Although in 1995 no one could predict the great success of this language, today it is one of the most powerful programming tools. Used both for creating web pages and applications it is also used for web servers, creating games or even graphics tools and music applications.


The history of JavaScript dates back to the 1990s and is connected with the giant race. While Netscape was wondering how to add fireworks to the website by creating LiveScript, Sun Microsystems developed the Java language. Taking advantage of the success of the name itself, LiveScript was changed to a better-sounding ‘JavaScript’. However, the two languages actually have nothing to do with one another.

Within a dozen or so years, JavaScript has become one of the most important programming tools, and its use is estimated at 92% of all websites on the Internet. To must-have every web creator together with HTML and CSS, JavaScript belongs to the three main front-end technologies.

Thanks to Java Script, dedicated software development is faster and provides better functionality to end users. As Mike Jackowski says, co-founder of the software house Poland – ASPER BROTHERS: “Our developers love JavaScript. Thanks to this technology web systems are more functional, websites more dynamic and finally, customers get a better product.

JavaScript – You’ll Find It Everywhere

What actually means is that JavaScript is the most popular technology used to create dynamic websites? One of the basic functionalities that introduce the use of JS, including dynamic validation that enables automatic checking of the data entered by the user in the form.

Thanks to the validation, the customer verifies e.g. the correctness of the telephone number etc.

Dynamic Communication

When talking about applications, it is mandatory to mention AJAX technology -(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), which enables asynchronous client-server communication without the need to reload the entire document. To be precise, it is about communication between the client and the server using HTTP and receiving information from the server “in the background”, which using JavaScript allows for dynamic reloading of fragments Web pages to which the new data received from the server relates.

Rich Functionality

The usefulness and popularity of JavaScript is also due to the support for events – it allows advanced management of user actions. The following functions are available when you click the mouse, move the cursor, or press the key on the keyboard – the websites become more interactive and interesting for the user.

This way, JavaScript has been used not only for creating websites, but also for applications.

Friendly Interfaces

Rich interface and support for multiple functionalities – of course, used in moderation make our projects alive, improve the site’s performance, and make it happen user-friendly. As far as website applications are concerned, mention should be made of the following, JavaScript also supports cookies.

A Large selection Of Frameworks and Libraries

Java Script is such a popular language, that there are several good frameworks for work.

Advantages of Using JS

Lightweight and reliable

In the age of unlimited possibilities, speed and responsiveness are crucial, which puts the following emphasis on JavaScript on the pedestal of modern technology. Among the strengths, let us not forget also universal – multi-platform, i.e. the ability to launch a once-written document. The result is a clear saving of time and money.

Written code is launched on the customer side using JavaScript to take care of resources servers. The ease of creating pages and applications using this language highlights the fact that you do not need to run the compiler, and the code is conveniently debugged.

Community Support

JavaScript development is a great opportunity for us, and the power of this language is emphasized by the fact that he is familiar with the whole world. JS is developing all the time and with it newer and newer ones are emerging.

It is natural that popularity, capabilities, and speed translates into a wide range of supporters – JS has a lot of community support. The extensive list of advantages makes it cost-effective to create new systems using this language

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