Is There A Winning Strategy To Roulette?

There’s a surprising amount of people out there who believe that there is a secret strategy in gambling that can net you a massive payday. They think that there is a mathematical way you can get an advantage over the casino and walk away with winnings in the thousands. Even on games of chance like roulette.

And if you’re playing Blackjack, you’d be right, but for pretty much every other game in the casino it’s specially designed to ensure that there isn’t a method by which you can gain an unfair advantage over your other players or over the casino. But despite this, there are tons of people who think they can guarantee a big win playing roulette, both in real life and at sites like Casino Betfair by following their simple strategy. But they can’t.

Why Roulette Strategies Don’t Work

In order to help explain this, we need a strategy that explains what it thinks the trick is to winning roulette. Which we have here: UK News. In this article the gambler in question is one Balvinder Sambhi who believes that he has cracked roulette with his corner betting system.

What he would do is wait for 12 spins where the numbers 8, 9, 11 and 12 don’t win, as well as the numbers 26, 27, 29 and 30. After 12 spins where none of these numbers land, he places two bets on two corners, the ones that intersect these eight numbers until he wins, and then waits for another 12.

The mathematical theory here is that after 12 spins, the ball is “due” to land on one of these spots in order for it to have a properly random pattern since every slot has the same chance of having the ball land in it.

Now, that may sound convincing but unfortunately, it’s falling smack dab into the middle of the gambler’s fallacy which is a fairly common problem when it comes to strategies. Essentially, the gambler’s fallacy is in thinking that the odds of a sequence of events will have an effect on future outcomes.

The best example is usually flipping a coin.

If you flip a coin, the odds of getting heads or tails are 50:50.

But if you flip a coin ten times, the odds of getting ten heads in a row are closer to 1 in 1000.

So if you flip a coin and get heads nine times, what are the odds the next toss will be heads? It’s 50:50.

Every single flip is a singular event and so every event has the same probability of landing on heads, the fact that it happening 10 times is extraordinarily unlikely does nothing to affect the final toss itself. Which is where the roulette system is falling down.

Sambhi waits until the number hasn’t won for 12 spins in the belief that the previous losses will mean the numbers are due for a win down the line – which is simply not how it works; the wheel doesn’t remember the previous numbers so realistically nor should you.

So the short answer there is “No, there isn’t a winning strategy to roulette” but if you disagree feel free to let us know in the comments!

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