Is It Ok To Play Bluetooth Speaker While Charging?

There’s no shortage of caveats concerning the use of rechargeable batteries. Many of us want good durability and a long runtime from our batteries. Using them while charging is ill-advised for most gadgets, but does this apply to a Bluetooth speaker? 

Should You Play a Bluetooth Speaker When It’s Charging?

The concern isn’t because your Bluetooth speaker won’t charge; it’s if it’s okay to charge it when it’s in use.

Like the former issue, this one is common among users, though it should soon be put to rest with this answer. Yes, it’s perfectly okay to use your Bluetooth speakers while charging. No, doing so shouldn’t cause any damage to the battery.

However, the first order of business is to charge your speakers to full capacity if you’re using them for the first time. Be sure they’re switched off during the process so that you can test the batteries’ full runtime.

If you decide to use your speakers during the first charge, that too shouldn’t pose any problems. We’ve all been there where the listening experience is so good that stopping isn’t an option. This is when the option to charge while using comes in very handy.

Depending on the brand and model of your speaker, the charge light may or may not light up when you use the item while charging.

If It Doesn’t Damage the Battery, What Happens Instead?

Since it’s been established that charging while using doesn’t impact the speaker’s performance, you’re probably curious to know what it does, if it even does anything.

Long story short, it does have an impact, but it won’t be on sound quality. You might have a bit of an issue with how the battery won’t charge as quickly when not in use. This is expected because you’re charging the battery while draining it.

Some brands charge faster than they drain, but a few could drain faster than they charge. In the latter case, the device’s age could also be a factor.

How you use the speakers should also be taken into the equation. If you set the volume to high levels, the battery should drain faster regardless of connecting your speakers to an outlet.

How To Ensure Charging Is Faster

Keep speaker usage to a minimum to help ensure the draining part doesn’t catch up to the charging. That means setting the speaker volume to low, taking breaks now and then, or switching the device off completely.

In most models, the power given off is proportional to the battery level once it falls below the 20 percent mark. Once the adapter is disconnected and the sound stops for a bit, don’t mistake this as a speaker problem. The device should resume playing after a while.

Charging speed is also affected by the room temperature or area you’re charging in. If you’re charging in a very hot or cold environment, charging could slow down or even stop completely.

This is a pre-configured safety feature in most batteries. For optimal charging, whether or not you’re using your speakers, the temperature must be within 45 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Speaker maintenance also counts for optimal charging. The more durable your device is, the faster it tends to charge. If you’re the type to recharge before the low-battery alert signals, switch to the power-saving mode to speed up the charging process.

What About When You Decide to Switch the Device off When Charging?

The quickest way to get the battery to a hundred percent is to switch your speakers off completely. Whether you like it or not, do this once in a while to give the batteries a break. These breaks can improve battery durability and performance, so don’t overlook their implementation. Your battery needs complete respite, period.

With the device turned off, the battery charges more quickly. Of course, remember to neither let the battery drain completely nor charge it to full capacity. While no problems should come from doing this a couple of times, making a habit of such can significantly reduce performance and durability over time.

The rule of thumb is to start charging at 20 percent and stop it at 90 percent. This is key to improving battery life. Continuously using your speakers while charging may affect the battery’s charging cycles.

Depending on the brand or age of your speakers, the battery may empty while in use and still charge simultaneously. If you find this to be the case with your units, stop using and charge with the device switched off. That way, you won’t end up damaging the battery cells.

Charging Smartly Is Key to Bluetooth Speaker Longevity

Like most modern iterations of classic devices, Bluetooth speakers are all about convenience. That means they tend not to make you worry about things like charging while in use. However, these advancements are not an excuse to abuse.

Appreciate the convenience of being able to listen to music while charging, but care smartly for your investment by incorporating the old-fashioned techniques in their maintenance now and then.

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